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  1. Hi there,

    I am currently looking for a high quality plugin which would allow me to divide the full audio spectrum in several overlapping sub bands (I guess the right term in English is Filter banks?). It is more than a simple Eq as I expect these sub bands to perfectly reconstruct the original audio signal when summed together. Such filters are implemented in every multiband FX plugin, but I have not seen a stand-alone version.

    I can think of many uses for such a plug, the first that comes to mind being the possibility to create multiband effects (compressors, harmonizers, etc.) from standard plugins. Also you have endless possibilities when it comes to designing virtual mics: you like the highs of this Neumann tube mic, but the tightness of the lows of your B&K microphone is also what you are looking for? You would just need to record both mics in a coincident position and adjust the crossover freq of the plugin to your likings (some level matching would be required also).
    Last but not least, the plug could also serve to design active loudspeaker filters in the digital domain.

    I would expect the plugin to let me choose between different filtering techniques (FIR, IIR, FFT, minimal phase, etc.), the number of sub bands, the crossover frequencies and the steepness of crossover regions.

    Does any of you have heard of such a product, or at least suggest a place where I could ask?


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