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  1. ErinSmith

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    After sending back my Roland SI 24 and exchanging it (and a bunch of cash) for a Digi002, I have finally put some tracks down.

    Everything with the 002 and Pro Tools worked the first time, very simple so far. Now the fun starts.

    I like the new site!

  2. BladeSG

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    I love Pro Tools LE too, isn't it a cinch!

    Check out the forum for Pro Tools users, it called 'digidesign users forum' or DUC. You'll find this with a Google search.
  3. ErinSmith

    ErinSmith Guest

    I have just started learning recording stuff. I am a music teacher and performer, but now (due to a shortage of like minded musos in my area) I must figure this stuff out.

    So far I have recorded from my keyboard, and a mic. I get a midi signal on to my track, but no sound. I am sure I need to assign the sound somehow, but haven't learned that yet.

    I need to get the midi stuff going. I have to learn how to create and deal with regions next. I can't wait to figure out how to loop the regions and layout the skeleton of a song.

    Today I am going to experiment with effects. I want to get the sound I want from my trumpet and flugelhorn so I can start doing some demo quality recordings.

    Obviously, I am the newbiest of newbies as far as the technology end of music, but I have a great ear and know what I want. Now I just have to figure out which buttons to push.

  4. BladeSG

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    To hear the keyboard (synth I take it) you need to monitor the outputs. Getting MIDI events into PT is only recording data of the events you've played.

    If you want to record what you've sequenced, you'll need to run the outputs of the keyboard to the inputs of the 002. Create a stereo track and in the Mix window assign the input to the same ones you connected the keyboard to. Same goes for recording microphone sources or any other audio sources.

    Hope I haven't told you something you already knew.

    Good Luck :)

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