finished recording my first song, critiques appreciated...

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by StereoBoxJosh, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. Hi. I posted here about advice in trying to do my first recording earlier... and I understand this probably should go in the home recording section, but I'm all finished now after 3 long days and it would be great to get some professional critiques.

    here's the link:

    I understand it's far from perfect, but it was my first time recording so for a demo what do you think?

    Thanks again for everything.
  2. AwedOne

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    Hi StereoBoxJosh.

    Welcome to the forum.

    I'm 55 years old and I really should be calling your music crap and talking about how great the stuff from the 60's.70's 80's (well...) was, but my musical brain is that of a 16 year old and I really liked your song! Now maybe it's because I've been away from punk,alt,indie,emo, whathaveyou for quite a few years, and maybe your song is just mainstream in that genre, but I enjoy hearing music that breaks some rules. And compared to the style I write and play now, you break a lot of rules. Keep it up! the bells thing is delightfully disarming, and assuming you are going for a low-fi kind of sound you've done very well from what I could tell on my office computer cheapo speakers. I'll listen again tonite when I get home.

    I prefer having things a little bit more up front with less reverb so that it sounds more like the room you're listening to the band in is the size of a living room, but a lot of great songs in the 60's had that "recorded in an oiltank" sound.

    Wow, only 3 days? I've been mixing my 4 songs on and off for 3 months.
  3. Bill,

    Thanks! The band was delighted with your comment. I just added the reverb today. Not sure if so much of it was a good idea... As you might be able to tell, this was the first time any of us have recorded. I'm taking a class on audio engineering and it's been so fun, but I've only begun learning. I wish I had better equipment, I used only 4 mics for the entire recording (including a Shure Beta 58 for the bass drum). Anyways, thanks again. Your words mean a lot =)
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    Hiya! Here's a metaphor for ya, mate. Anytime anyone has a baby, they bring the pictures to work and show them off. Now, the kid can either look like the most precious little thing in the world or just have one eye and a mouth where it's ear should be, but you think it's the most beautiful thing in the world, as it's But all parents feel the same trepidation of the response. heh. Now personally, I do not critique music on what I like as a personal preference, but as you asked here, on sound quality and mixing. My humble words of advice. Echo the drums a tad, bring up the vocals for sure and add some effect, perhaps a slight reverb. The guitar and bass sounded fine. Nicely done, mate;-)


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