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  1. TrevorL

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    my bassist hooked up one of my audio buddys and it it started smoking...
    WTF did he do?
    hooked up wrong?
    help please
  2. BRH

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    Aug 16, 2006
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    M-audio stuff smokes
  3. TrevorL

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  4. Keep your cigarettes securely locked in a cabinet.

    ...dah-dum, tss?
  5. TrevorL

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    ahah nice man.
    nah i dont smoke.
    maybe it was just faulty?
  6. I can't imagine a way that a preamp could be misconfigured to the point of causing smoke, you know? Unless someone gives you a better answer, I think it'd have to be faulty. Reporting it to M-Audio is important even if only to tell them it's a potential fire hazard.
  7. TrevorL

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    alright thanks alot man.
    im gonna take it back and just get a new one.
    and yeah i i checked it the mic was plugged in right. phantom was on and everything. I smelt something, at first i had no clue until i looked over and saw smoke seeping out.
    kinda scary
  8. JoeH

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    Jun 22, 2004
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    Anything that's creating flames or smoke usually means high amperage or voltage problems, which isn't usually found in the audio portion of the unit, more likely found in a power supply circuit, etc.

    From what I can see online for the audio buddy, it's simply a preamp powered by a (9V?) wall wart. It's possible that he used the wrong wall wart, and if there's a voltage regulator that's inline with the circuit, THAT could've blown up.

    Another possibility is that he plugged an amp/head output into one of your line inputs and started cooking some of the components in the preamp's circuitry.

    True story: I once saw a guy driving a single speaker from two different amplifier's outputs. He said he had two different sources, and turned one or the other up or down to mix as needed. I told him to quit it fast, before he blew one or the other (or himself) up.
  9. Cucco

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    Mar 8, 2004
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    Nice one Joe!!
    I'd love to have seen the day that the amps simply melted on the guy.

    Okay, so I'm with Joe on this - it's most likely that he used the wrong wall wart.

    I did this exact same thing not too long ago. I hooked up a 24V wall wart to my presonus headphone amp. About 2 minutes into the recording, I was smelling some (distinctly) electrical fire and looked down and saw smoke billowing out of the unit.


    The great thing is, with the right wall wart in place, the thing still works like a charm.
  10. TrevorL

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    ahh thats crazy yeah well idk maybe he had it hooked through his amp.

    im pretty new to this so it couldve been my fault too.

    thanks for all the help without any criticism.
  11. TrevorL

    TrevorL Guest

    i talked to a guy taht said it was ok to plug in through the head as long as you didnt plug in through a cab.
    i dont know.
    clear this up for me

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