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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by ryanwalters, Jun 7, 2006.

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    How many microphones can I hook up to a Fireface 800 at a time I have 10 Channels of preamp and there is 4 on the Fireface, anyone know oh and without a digital mixer
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    Sep 26, 2005
    RyanWalters, of course as you can see, you can connect up to 4 microphones of any type to your device. If you want to plug in more microphones, you can try these 2 alternatives. The additional 1/4" inputs you will find on the back of the unit are designed to be fed from line level output devices, i.e. other microphone preamplifiers. However the input sensitivity level of those 1/4" inputs may be high enough to allow you to merely plug-in a "microphone input transformer". Most microphone input transformers have from between a 10:1 to a 15:1 winding ratio. What that means is that the transformer provides "free gain" of from between 10 to 15 DB! These microphone input transformers are available from numerous companies from the high-quality Dean Jensen types, to the modest quality Shure devices, right down to the simply awful but usable Radio Shaft "low impedance to high impedance" microphone adapter. Now you will not be able to use a phantom powered condenser microphone as there is no phantom power in the above Kluge. You will only be able to use dynamic and ribbon microphones and condenser microphones that operate with an internal battery. Otherwise you may want to look into external phantom power supplies? That coupled with the above transformers would allow for phantom powered condenser microphones.

    Depending on your software, this would allow your device to record as many channels as you have inputs plugged into the device. So there you go! Ready to record the 10 channels that the unit allows.

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