Firepod and Expression Pedals?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by phishfly, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. phishfly

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    Loving my firepod, but i want to be able to control wah/volume/other effects for my guitar in cubase sx. So i was thinking of buying a single unit midi expression pedal with a 1/4 in output. Can i use this to control wah effects and volume and stuff like that? Where would i plug the expression pedal into the firepod.

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  2. voidar

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    You would plug a midi-pedal into a midi-port. Do you have that?

    There are no expressionpedal-inputs for computers that I know of.
  3. GregP

    GregP Guest

    I've done a lot of looking and have come up short. The expression pedals with the 1/4" are only for MIDI interfaces (ie. controllers). What they are is actually a volume pedal. The MIDI controller detects how much the voltage is being impeded and transforms this information into MIDI data. The pedal itself does not generate the data.

    I eventually gave up and put an order in for an Edirol M50 keyboard, since I hope to play keyboard some, as well (and for keyboard drum-entry). I've seen older synths/controllers at used music stores for $100 that had expression pedal inputs.

    Be careful, though: many will only have inputs for "sustain" pedals, which are only on or off, and not continuous.

    Your other alternative is a whole MIDI footboard like the Behringer FCB1212 (or is it 1010? i can never remember). It also occurs to me that if you don't mind the wee pedal and dodgy build quality, you could get the V-Amp pedal. I believe it can send MIDI, but you'd have to double-check. And you'd get a few of the V-Amp models into the bargain while you're at it. ;)


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