Firepod doesn't work with NEC chipsets--sold by Best Buy,etc

Discussion in 'Computing' started by mattk311, Jan 26, 2006.

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    Just an FYI to anyone looking into buying a Firepod that uses Windows...

    CHECK YOUR FIREWIRE CHIPSET SETTINGS by going into My Computer, right click and select Properties. Look for the firewire card, and verify says either "TI" or "VIA" for the chipset.

    If it says "NEC" based or anything involving "NEC", the firepod will most likely not work.

    I discovered this after 3 calls to tech support and three different Firewire cards for my laptop.

    Presonus OBVIOUSLY did not do their homework on these cards and thus there is a huge population of people who the firepod will NOT work for.

    Even though he and other technical support agents admitted to a problem with NEC cards on the phone, via email Butch Richard at Presonus technical support only stated:

    "Just a note...we'd love to make our products compliant with all other computer hardware. In fact, we did make our products to the IEEE 1394 standard. However, there are many many many many different types of computer hardware these days and they change all the time. So...what worked one day, doesn't always work the next.

    Nature of the computer ball game bro."

    Sorry "bro", but the nature of the 'computer ball game' should be to make your products work on a major subset of the firewire card market.
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