Firepod - Limitting 'Mr Roboto' Latency?? :)

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by slowjett, Dec 16, 2005.

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  1. slowjett

    slowjett Guest

    I'm pretty much a newb to this so any advice woudl be very helpful.

    When I track a song the latency is creating a suttle robitic delay/reverb type of sound in the cans when Im am trying to track a vocal track and sing allong to the music playback. Its really anoying because I cant her the true sound. I keep getting thrown out of key, and obviously I cant just turn the mix knob on the firepod to eliminate the latency becuase I cant here the playback then.

    I am using the headphone jack as my monitor for the phones and
    Firepod set to 3ms latency
    recording through SX3.

    I remeber when recording on pro-tools 001 I could just click "low latency monitoring" and it wouldnt do this.

    Am I doign something wrong? Or is this something that I just need to deal with while recording through the firepod?

    Any suggestions ona remmidy?

    Thanks guys
  2. Jeremy

    Jeremy Active Member

    Aug 9, 2005
    From LV but Army brought me to TN
    Josh, the higher the latency setting the better. The firepod out of the box is set to run at 10. I had some problems surface at 10, I then found 12 to be a tad better. If 12 dosent do it for you try 18. Also if you have a processor thats working with 2gigs or more go ahead and adjust the cpu setting, by right clicking on the firepod icon in the tool bar. To adjust the latency, use the left click in the tool bar. Hope this helps.
  3. slowjett

    slowjett Guest


    I don't have a problem with the recording, no pops or clicks or anything.. Records fine. Its simply the monitoring.. The latency creates a delay (in the monitors) when you are monitoring your input like singing, and you can hear the delay.. It sounds like reverb on your voice and sort of disguises the way your voice sounds, make me sing incorrectly...

    The way I get around it (discovered last night after using my small brain) is to turn off the monitoring to the channel I'm recording in Cubase, and turn the 'mixer' knob on the firepod more to the input side and less away from the playback so I can hear my voice through the firepod.. The problem is its hard to organize the volumes so your input volume is monitoring at the level you want, and is also at the correct gain for recording. Because if you want it louder in the cans, you cant just turn up the channel on the firepod because you change the gain setting on the channel.

    The only way I can see around this is to output each channel you want to monitor into a sub mixer through the outputs on the back of the firepod, (including the main output to monitor the tracks on the computer) then use that submix to mix only your monitors....

    Am I totally missing something, or is this just how you have to do it?

    Let me know guys, you have much more experience than I.

    Thank you!
  4. skeurton

    skeurton Guest

    this is exactly what i do. i usually keep that knob at a little less than halfway, which would be just a tad bit more to the input side. i can hear myself just fine as the built-in headphone amp gets plenty loud for me. i never really experimented with the latency settings. i did try it at 3ms and was still getting a noticable delay, so that's when i just decided to turn off track monitoring. as far as getting the right gain settings, i try to keep the raw signal at around -10 to -7dB. that usually gives me enough room to work with once it's tracked.
  5. This is just wrong on so many levels...

    Firstly, higher latency is fine, if you are mixing, but you want lower latency for playing VST instruments, or recording audio in real time, so that you don't experience the slapback sound you are describing.
    The first question to address is:
    Are you using the dedicated ASIO driver for your card in the devices setup in Cubase?
    Next, you have to address your monitoring setup.
    Are you using an outboard mixer, or Cubase direct monitoring?
  6. slowjett

    slowjett Guest

    Yes Slapback is exactly what I'm reffering to. Yes I am useing the dedicated ASIO driver. I am useing Cubase direct monitoring. Would a seperate monitoring setup be a better idea? If so could you by any chance explane the ideal setup?

    Thanks Again!

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