firepod problem - please help!

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by phishfly, Dec 26, 2005.

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  1. phishfly

    phishfly Guest

    Tech help not available and i need to record demos now... please help me lol.
    My computer im running is a Hp Pavilion zd8000 laptop with a pentium 4 64 bit processor (3.4 ghz). I have installed the newest drivers, am running cubase sx3/(or le if i must) on windows xp sp2, the lights on the firepod are blue, and while i play my guitar connected to the instrument input 1 i can see the audio levels both in and out corresponding to my playing. I have also recorded some tracks and the waveforms are showing audio data, and look like they are in time, but when i play them back i can not hear anything. My mix control is turned clockwise... Is it my hp drivers that are messing this up? I am using a belkin 6 pin to 4 pin firewire that connects to a 4 pin built in device on my laptop. I have tried many things. The firepod won't play back the data in guitar rig either.
    Any suggestions? Is my computer compatible? I was hoping that by having a 32 bit os it would work, but the 64 bit processor might be influencing the results.

    Thanks so very much,
  2. slowjett

    slowjett Guest

    Ok, so you know your signal is getting TO cuebase? Im assumign your useing cuebase? You can see the waveforms being writen. Can you moniotr your guitar from cuebase with the mix knob turned clockwise?

    Make sure you setup your VST inputs correctly. Double check.

    To see if your firepod is able to play proper playback, go into control panel and sound devices, and change your speeker outputs to the firepod. Then play some sounds (like an mp3) and see if you can hear them through the firepod..

    I use a 6pin to 4 pin on my laptop, it works fine.

    Last but not least, and most overlooked, dont forget to UNCLICK your channel monitoring for the specific channel so you can hear the playback.

    Maybe this helps?

  3. phishfly

    phishfly Guest

    lol i think i know what i did wrong

    i just ordered a hp4, i was trying to moniter through headphones - through the headpone jack on the firepod.
    THis doesn't work like it does with a firebox does it?

    thanks though.

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