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    Ok, I have sold my KORG 32xd and am going to make the Leap to Computer-based recording. I am looking at the firepod (cause its relatively cheap) for my interface. I have an ISA 428. So then:

    Question 1. Will turning the gain down all the way on the preamps in the firepod be enough to keep the higher quality sound of the 428 instead of using the firepod preamps (firepod doesnt have ADAT in)? I would plug the outputs of the 428s into channels 1-4 of the firepod with the firepod's gain set to zero.

    Question 2. I didn't see it listed on the Cakewalk website. Does anyone have experience with using the firepod as the interface for Sonar 5 producer edition. Thats the program I am looking at getting.

    Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

  2. Question 1: yes.

    Question 2: it will work with sonar 5. I briefly used sonar with the firepod and it worked fine.

    The firepod is a great deal, and works great :D

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