FireStudio VS AudioFire?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by tonemonkey, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. tonemonkey

    tonemonkey Member

    Jan 24, 2008
    Hi folks,
    I find myself in the position to choose a new audio interface, have been using the Echo Audio Layla in the past, I have no experience with Presonous products. Looking at what is available today two items cought my eye, the Presonous FireStudio and the Echo Audio AudioFire units. Aside from the fact that the AudioFire12 has 12 inputs, I am wondering if any of you guys have experience with these two devices and can give me some good and bad for both the Presonous and Echo Audio units, and an opinion on which one of them you would buy if faced with the decision today...
    Thanks a bunch....
  2. Mandachuva

    Mandachuva Guest

    I have a Audiofire 4. Drivers and interface stable as a rock - I've used it for almost two months now and had absolutely no trouble with it; can't say the same thing about other Firewire audio interfaces. Low attainable ASIO latency; a application to monitor in real-time the REAL latency.

    It sounds mostly the same as a Focusrite Saffire - had that for a year, and was really impressed with the AD/DA. But the AF8 and AF12 have different AD/DA converters - IIR ones from Cirrus Logic, which are supposed to be the cat's meow.

    Can't comment on the Firestudio - never worked with it.

    Mihai Toma
  3. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member

    Mar 8, 2004
    Tacoma, WA
    I wouldn't say that all firewire interfaces are incapable of low latency.

    I've run the Fireface 800 at 12 channels of 192 kHz for 3 hours non-stop with 128 samples of latency without a hiccup. This was while using the built-in mixer to listen at 0 latency.

    However, back to the subject at hand-
    Presonus's stuff is becoming so incredibly popular and that's because their products are an excellent value, well built and good looking. Also, their service is excellent.

    On the other hand - Echo products are, IMO, one of this industry's biggest sleepers. They make a bullet-proof product that sounds great works awesome and provide some of the best service in the business to back it up.

    IMO, it would be a matter of choice between features. If one does what you like and the other falls a tad short, go with the one that works. You won't be disappointed in either case.
  4. Mandachuva

    Mandachuva Guest

    I also tried to point out that a low latency can be easily obtained on the Audiofire - also at 128 samples.

    Sorry if I made myself unclear.

    Mihai Toma
  5. rainsong23

    rainsong23 Active Member

    Feb 20, 2008
    What about the compatibility with a macbook pro. I just bought a new macbook pro and am going to buy an audio interface soon. I'm also interested in the firestudio, but am not sure it will be compatible with my macbook due to some things I've read. Here is what the guy from presonus told me to look for.

    "A combination of these specs may result in incompatibility.

    Agere fw chipset
    Geforce 8600 MGT video card
    Intel 945/965 chipset
    4. Combo fw400/800 port"

    I can't seem to find all the info listed about my computer. I looked in "about this mac". I do have the Geforce 8600M GT video card so am a bit worried. However I'm not sure if I have the other things, and the guy said that a combination of these things "may result in imcombatibility".

    I couldn't figure out if I have the Agere fw chipset or not. When I click on "Firewire" in the about this computer under hardware the only information given is"FireWire Bus:Maximum Speed: Up to 800 Mb/sec' with no mention of what chipset it is. Maybe I find this info somewhere else?

    I also can't seem to find out if I have the Intel 945/965 chipset or not. I didn't really see the words chipset anywhere in any of the contents under about this computer.
    I'm not sure about the combo firewire 400/800 thing either. I think I have two firewire ports, one of each size, if I remember correctly, but it doesn't really say or at least I don't seem to know where to look.

    I guess my best option is to take my computer to a dealer that has the firestudio in Seoul (I know of one) and try it out before I buy). On if my computer recognizes the firestudio does that basically mean I will be ok to buy it, or are there other issues I need to worry about. Some of the things I read at seemed to suggest if you have this problem the thing is basically a paperweight, and is not recognized at all. Maybe I'm wrong about this. Also, is this some kind of hardware problem that will not be able to be fixed with some kind of software update from Leopard, or a driver update from presonus? I'm really hoping it is compatible as it seems like the best buy for my money and has most of the features that I think I want. The thing that appeals to me about the firestudio is the amount of inputs and the fact that it has good built in preamps, which I figure will be a money saver for me. The motu has two built in pre amps. Are the preamps really needed for everything or just most important for vocals? I don't want to get into buying separate pre amps for every channel.

    I haven't researched the audiofire 12 at all. Does it have built in pres? Is it expandable like the firestudio. The extra 4 inputs could be nice. Can you daisy chain them? Well I will do some research myself, but any info is appreciated. As I said I will go into the dealer in seoul and cross my fingers that the firestudio will work.
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