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  1. I'm considering buying a mixer board that has firewire capabilities. I currently use cubase sx 2.0 and I have a delta 1010lt sound card. I'm looking at either the Alesis mixer or the new phonic helixboards that are now out...I've heard mixed things about both of them and I'm not sure which one to buy yet, so if anyone has any info about that, I'd really appreciate the help....

    ...but, my main question is this:

    If I go with either of those firewire boards which, from what I understand hook up to the usb port, would that disable my delta 1010 soundcard? would I have to reinstall my original sound card? would my outs from the delta still work in conjuction with the phonic or alesis? or could I use both of them together in tandem in cubase?

    I'd appreciate any insights into this mystery.

    Cereal Matrix
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    Jul 28, 2004
    I'm selling my Tascam FW-1884 if you are interested.
  3. no, thanks. I need more inputs than that.
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    I have used a Phonic helixboard for live recording and it worked suprisingly well for a cheap desk.
    (here's a sample)Link removed

    To answer your other questions
    1. The board connects to your firewire input not usb
    2. In Cubase you can only select 1 driver at a time so your delta card will not work at the same time.
    3. You will not have to re-install your Delta - both can exist on the same PC (although you can't use them together).
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    I've used the Alesis FW Multimix 16. It was a nice little board, small and compact, nice quality, sounded decent, good price. 16 channels were more than I needed so I took it back for the Onyx 400f for the Onyx pre-amps.

    My only compaint about the Alesis MM16 was that I didn't much care for the EQ's, they werent bad though, I guess just personal taste.

    The Firewire board you buy WILL BE your new soundcard.
  6. thank you for all your input.
    I ended up getting the alesis multimix and it rocks...I have to agree about the EQ's being so so...but I run a tubepre and a comp16 (both by presonus) through the aux ins which definately helps out a lot...
    thanks again,
    the cereal made out of matrix

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