FireWire HD for MOTU 828

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by capitancarajo, Mar 20, 2002.

  1. Hi,

    I'm just configuring a portable setup like this: iBook + 828 + 80 GB FireWire HD. Glyph M Project looks nice because it has the MOTU look and it's also rackmount, but too expensive. At Glyph website they say it's the only drive recommended by MOTU.

    I guess you guys are mostly on a budget like me... so here is my question to 828 users: What HD are you using and how is it working? Also, if it's a Glyph, is it worth the price?

    Thanks a lot.

  2. gunndrum

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    I'm using a 40GB IBM in an OWC case with the Oxford 911 chipset. They are currently $189US from OWC. They have them from 20GB-120GB.

    I use it with 2 896's & a 667 Tibook easily running 48 tracks at 24/48.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Hi Don,

    That one seems like a good and affordable option... and if it works for u, then I guess it's the way to go considering the price.

    I got mail from MOTU and they recommended Glyph because of a configuration issue. They say a HD not configured for audio may take a day to set up... I wouldn't care about it, but did you have such problems setting up your drive?

    Thanks for replying

  4. Don, I forgot to ask you something else, as a FireWire newbie: Do you daisychain your 828 from the second FireWire port of the OWC drive or do you use a FireWire hub?

  5. gunndrum

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    Hey Capi,

    Not sure what MOTU meant about taking a day to set up...I just plugged in the drive and started working. If you want to partition the drive, Apple's Drive Setup utility won't allow you to do it. I know of some people that have taken their FW drive out of the case, put it in their tower, formatted it, partitioned it, then replaced it in the case.

    I tried partitioning it under OSX, but it never went beyond the "Erasing disk..." dialog box. C'est la vie.

    I am daisy chaining the drive between the Tibook and the 896's. No problems there!


  6. I emailed MOTU once more telling them about your OWC drive and the guy admited his EZQuest was also quickly formated and works perfectly. Seems like Glyph is asking for extra 300 bucks just for having MOTU written on the front panel, the blue look and same size and rackmount as the 828.

    Thanks for the assistance Don.

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