Firewire interface for guitar / effect to PA?

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by mhb22079, Jan 19, 2006.

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    Hoping this is the right forum to post this. I play at church with up to 3 different guitars on a given night. My current setup is a 6 channel DI box which outputs to a 8 channel mixer. The mixer has an FX loop for effects then out to church board then to PA. Since one of my guitars is running a Roland GR-33 synth that too is another signal. The effects are controlled via midi controller.

    While I'm somewhat happy with the setup, it is rather large and heavy. After reviewing the Guitar RIG software I was blown away by its possibilities and sound. I am thinking that I can replace nearly all of my rig by using a firewire interface (such as Firepod) to the guitar RIG software to PA and control the software via midi controller. I wouldn't be using it to record but rather as an effects loop.

    Besides the obvious..."computers crash" arguement, is this a viable option? Also any live applications of Firepod or MOTU would be appreciated.

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