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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by rmckinley, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. rmckinley

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    hey forum, i just invested in a mac, and im loving the computer but im not sure how to go about a recording interface with it. ive done work for a long time doing "off the soundcard" recordings and working with adobe audition, but its about time to start doing some better quality work, im studying theatre and sound design is my focus so eventually this kind of thing will become a career. its a 13inch macbook pro, so what would be the best DAW? and what would be the best hardware to run with it?

    any information is good information, thanks guys
    the n00b
  2. Jeemy

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    Sep 19, 2003

    Amount of simultaneous channels?

    Most common recording setup?

    Please appreciate there are a multitude of choices at each price point.
  3. rmckinley

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    i dont really have a budget right now, my funds are depleted over the new computer and cash flow is weak since im still working on my undrgrad degree. i dont need the ritz, 2-6 simultaneous recording tracks would more than handle my purposes. and for the now it'd be nice to do something on the cheap. the most common task at hand is going to be recording piano and guitar, and manipulating pre-existing audio. just rescaling volume envelopes, changing tempo, adding sound effects, cross fading, and (if im lucky) running fft filters over the audio. most everything im going to be doing is the same stuff im doing now, im just apprehensive about moving away from sound card interface and working with software im not currently familiar with.

    thanks guys
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    From my experience I'd start with something from PreSonus (like a FireStudio Mobile - 2 preamps-in, 8 other audio inputs, appx $300) or MOTU. These manufacturers will offer FireWire units that have at lest 2 preamps-in. The Mackie Onyx units are well regarded, as are Steinburg/Yamaha, RME and Apogee. There are lots of posts here about all of these units.
  5. HaHallur

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    Dec 31, 2007
    Do you have any mics, cause you need those for "recording" :D
  6. TimOBrien

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    Jan 19, 2003
    Here's a good guide and user-tested suggestions that work: The Best Audio Interfaces for your Home Studio by TweakHeadz Lab

    (you'll want to bookmark and read through all of Tweak's Guide while you're there...)
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    Audition4 is in beta testing for Mac. A download is available and if that is what you are used to.
    Adobe Labs - Adobe Audition for Mac

    Apogee specializes in Mac but I'd of course recommend RME as their devices and drivers are as solid as I've seen.
  8. rmckinley

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    thanks for the names guys, ill be sure to check out the version of audition, and do a little research on each suggestion.

    yea i do have a couple mics, you know all ultra high quality stuff, nothing but the shoddiest knockoffs of the sm58. i need to upgrade there too, but time will tell.

    thanks again guys

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