Firewire Interfaces and PTLE 6.9

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by roguescout, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. roguescout

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    Hi everyone. Long time, no post.

    I need to know firewire interface compatibility with PTLE 6.9.

    As long as I have LE hardware hooked-up (M-Box or 002), is it just a matter of directing PTLE to the additional interface (said interface connected to a FW 400/800 PCI card)? Will it be automatically recognized by PTLE and available for routing?

    Which of these boxes can PTLE talk with?:

    Edirol FA-101
    M-Audio Project Mix I/O
    RME Fireface 800
    Presonus Firepod
    MOTU Traveler
    TASCAM 1082
    Alesis Multimix 16
    Mackie Onyx 1220
    Yamaha 01X

    What is the best way to get PTLE to jive with an additional external interface?

    Or do I just dump any firewire audio inputs into Cubase and then import tracks into PTLE to use my RTAS plugs? :(

    Thanks for any help you can provide!! MERRY RECORDING TO ALL!! (y)
  2. johnthemiracle

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    Jul 26, 2004
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    ptle will only be able to talk to either digidesign hardware or certain m-box devices. nothing else. digi prefer to cook their own soup...
  3. roguescout

    roguescout Guest

    Yeah... Digi has always been a pain in the a** on that level. :evil:

    But what about the second Firewire port on the 002? It is normally an in/out for a firewire drive, but can it be configured as a Firewire "thru"?

    I'm just curious if anyone has thrown down some mad ninja skills to make it work.

    Is the M-Powered hardware directly compatible with LE? Or do they force you to buy the poor man's Pro Tools to make the M-Audio stuff work?

    It might be time for me to finally upgrade to Cubase SX. :roll:
  4. ghellquist

    ghellquist Member

    May 25, 2004
    Firewire port on 002 is a "firewire hub" output. You could connect your hard disk or whatever there. I would however put my harddisk first and the 002 last. The 002 adds absolutely nothing to what goes in and out through that connection. No hacking possible.

    The standard PT LE 6.9 only speaks with 002, Mbox and MBox 2. Nothing else. Will not even start if none of them connected. The M-audio boxes needs another version which you have to buy at a separate price. The other version is called M-powered and additionally has a dongle if I remember right.

    Personally, I got rid of PT LE a long time ago due to that kind of things. Never looked back. My program of choice, Samplitude, happily uses whatever sound card I connect: FW, USB or PCMCIA makes no difference to my laptop.

  5. shezan

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    well....PTLE..6.9 and 7 works with M-Audio equipment...i have FW410 and Fw1814 from M-Audio they both work with PTLE...but you have to install M-Powered PTLE for that....but for shou it works with M-Audio devices other then PTLE... and yes offcourse you can also use other application on the same asio driver simultaneously... and try Nuendo 3 instead of Cubase finally has the ReWire feature now
  6. roguescout

    roguescout Guest

    Just an FYI...

    I was on hold with M-Audio for 30 minutes this morning before a human answered. I called right when their service center opened.

    By the time they picked up, I could have driven over there, urinated on their front door and drove back.

    The service rep was an arrogant a** and really wasn't interested in my questions.

    So think about that before you buy something from them that may break or cause you digital nightmares.

    Buh-bye M-Audio...

    BTW - To anyone else that cares, ProjectMix will not be recognized by Pro Tools LE on the I/O side. You can use HUI/MIDI to control its transport, but will need to buy lame-a** M-Powered Pro Tools for the firewire to jive with anything remotely Digidesign.

    Both companies are owned by Avid... Ironic, don't you think?
  7. ghellquist

    ghellquist Member

    May 25, 2004
    To be very clear:

    ProTools LE and ProTools M-Powered is exactly the same program except from two things: what hardware they talk to and the price.

    LE is included with the hardware (002, 002R, Mbox2 are the current choices).

    M-Powered costs 300 bucks suggested price. Includes a dongle. Talks to a selected list of M-Audio sound cards, not to any Digidesign hardware.

    Both generally comes together with various packages of demo programs and plugins. Might be useful from that, but "all real users" buys additional plugins for big money.



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