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  1. Ok, so I have a notebook pc that DOES NOT have a FireWire port in it... I would much prefer FireWire over USB so I was wondering if they make some sort of Ethernet > Firewire adapter?
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    Feb 13, 2009
    I have never used one, but they make firewire PCMCIA cards for laptops. If you get one, be sure to research it thoroughly to make sure that your recording interface supports the firewire chipset used. If it's not officially supported by your interface, it may still work, but it may not, so buy your hardware from somewhere with a good return policy.

    No PCMCIA slot? Then I have no idea. You might want to post this (if you don't get any solid answers from the resident experts in a couple of days) in the Music Computers forum instead of here.

    I've never heard of an ethernet to firewire converter. Here is a list of other things I've never heard of though:

    Thank you very much. You've been a great audience. Try the veal.
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    Dec 18, 2008
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    When the firewire port on my Titanium Powerbook quit working several years ago I had to find another way to connect to firewire gear.
    I got 2 of those PCMCIA cards. One with 2x FW400 ports and the other has 2x FW800 ports. They were reasonably inexpensive and have worked perfectly. I only have one PCMCIA slot, so I can only use one at a time - but that's fine. I use it to run one of my Glyph drives when I take my laptop and original MBox to mix a ProTools session elsewhere. Or I've used the same laptop and the other PCMCIA card to run a big G-RAID drive to show massive amounts of uncompressed video for a live production.

    I haven't experienced any trouble at all with the PCMCIA adaptor cards at all. If I remember correctly, they were only like $30 a piece several years ago.
  4. Allright, thanks!! But my laptop is like the crappuest in it's class... All it has is: 3 USB, Ethernet, RGB, and Compact Flash, and a Dvd drive (of coarse) but I guess I'll have to look into a tower pc. Thanks anyway, though!!

    EDIT: Well, as it turns out, I was mistaking the PCMCIA for what I thought was a 'compact flash' Allright, this might work!
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