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First mic pre

Discussion in 'Preamps / Channel Strips' started by Hack, Mar 20, 2001.

  1. Hack

    Hack Active Member

    Mar 20, 2001
    Little Rock, AR
    I currently do not have a good mic pre. I was wanting some ideas on what to get started with for around $1500. The only thing I've found so far is a Manley mono unit for around $1300. What is thought about this unit? What would be better. Keep in mind that whatever I get will be my "go to" box for a few months at least. I am looking to send Snare, Acc Guitar, and vocals through it. Right now it seems I'm recording mostly heavy stuff. Kings X type stuff.
  2. Bear's Gone Fission

    Bear's Gone Fission Active Member

    Jan 4, 2001
    I'm seeing it a few hundred above your stated budget, but the Great River MP-2MH is worldclass. It's very clear, giving you all the nuance of your sources, and I'm not aware of anything that betters it at it's own game, unless maybe at a much higher price point. If you're going to get a single mic pre to use on everything, you don't want much color, it's like adding cinammon to every thing you cook.

    However, the Daking 52270 preamp/eq is within your price range, and while it has its own color, I could see it being flexible enough to use on various sources in a mix. worth investigating.

    I'm a bit below your budget range, and am eagerly awaiting the FMR Audio RNMP. All the preproduction reports are that it's amazing, and will be a good deal besides, reportedly under $600. Grace also has a single channel mic preamp out listing for $700, and their stuff doesn't suck. maybe get one or two of these for when you need clarity and something like a Meek, if you like them, for dirt.

    BTW, Mercenary carries FMR, Daking, and Great River among other manufacturers, and is very helpful about matching the right product to the right customer, including a ludicrously friendly return policy. If you're not sure which way to go, I'd say you're better off spending money with them to make sure you get what you want and need.

    da Bear
  3. amekbarry

    amekbarry Guest

    Hey Hack, another option for you may be an Amek 9098DMA. It sells for close to your price range, has 2 Rupert Neve designed mic pre's, Instrument level DI, and an Image section that allows you to have fun playing with M/S mic techniques. It sounds great on most everything I run through it. Very solid. Worth a listen.

    Have fun. :)
  4. thedmc

    thedmc Guest

    is the rnmp going to be two or one channel?
  5. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001
    The RNMP is going to be 'single channel'...that said, let's address "Hack"s situation a bit...

    Before you can decide on a mic pre, you really need to ask yourself a few questions...like: What are your goals? To make mics louder...duh...I mean, are you looking for clean, big, aggressive, what?

    What kind of music are you doing? Loud electric stuff, acoustic stuff, somewhere in between? What other equipment do you have, how do you see yourself growing, what kind of mics do you have at present, and what do you see yourself getting in the future?

    Are you working analog or digital? Are you looking for something to bring the audio 'more upfront', or to 'soften' it a bit?

    A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link, so as you go through this process you ought to be constantly evaluating your chains, the signal paths you employ, how those paths intertwine to create a musical presentation.

    So...while you can start with one good piece, may I humbly suggest that you never lose sight of the eventual goal which is the best possible presentation of your music. If you invest in solid, professional grade equipment that will last you a lifetime/career, then you'll have a good foundation on which to build your collection of hardware.

    So to answer your actual question..."I dunno".
  6. IMO, I would rate pres like this:

    1) Great River : Clear, full range I would rate it #1 for multipurpose
    2) Neve 1073/81/1272 : BIG and thick, great color for electric guitars and thick rock drums (toms, kick)
    3) API (Automated Processes Inc.) 312: nice color for brighter instruments and very "hard", I like it on voxs, snare, percussion, sometimes overheads
    4) Manley : Sorta clear like the Great River, but less color

    Of course YMMV and this is all subjective, just my two cents. Get two of each :D
  7. bluebass

    bluebass Active Member

    Mar 4, 2001
    I know this piece is a bit above Hack's figure but I thought it certainly worth mentioning.

    Pendulum MDP-1!

    Man!... I just love the $*^t outa' this thing! It's clean when you wan't it to be or you can push the front end for some "tube-o-tude". The DI is really awesome as well!

    This pre is definitely my "swiss army knife". After it's done all it's tracking duty's, I take the L/R insert sends into the MDP-1 and then off to whatever 2 trk I need to go to. This eliminates having to go through the main fader on my Mackie 8 bus...makes for a huge difference... in the bottom especially! Almost sounds like a console. ;)
    Fletcher turned me on to this trick and it's worked wonders for me...thanks again Fletcher.

    I don't think this pre gets talked about nearly enough...anyway, give it a look see. You may find it worth considering.
    [url="(dead link removed)[/url]

    Tim L
  8. synergy

    synergy Guest

    the MindPrint DTC is the compromiseless result of intensive research in the area of similar signal handling. Special value was put on the musical characteristics of similar components such as transducers, opto couplers and tubes. Around a professional digital interface the DTC one is completed the most efficient front Ends was ever developed. " On the music fair in Frankfurt MindPrint prototypes an even DTC in the development showed. The DTC is a two-canal Inputchannel with preamplification, frequency and dynamic handling and optional digital INTERFACE in 19 " 3HE the format. Basic concept and range of application are similar as with the best-seller EnVoice. Distinguishers to the EnVoice are beside the 2-Kanaelen the more extensive configuration, the substantially more fastidious technique and completely new High ending Design. The particularly developed, extremely dynamic and wide-band Haufe transducers in the microphone input are the most musical link for each type of microphones. The complex interaction of Impendanz, capacity and induction in the transducer ensures in connection with a special verstaerkerschaltung for an optimal adjustment to microphone signals. Thus a particularly natural and unmistakable pleasant klangbild results. The EQ operates after a parallen signal guidance concept, which resembles the principle proven passively EQs. The signal guidance of the not processed frequency ranges is completely passively structured, without reinforcement by a OP that the sound of the original signal to impair could. Only the filtered frequency proportions are actively processed and added to the original signal. The opto coupler is in the signal path before the EQ and enables a very musical dynamic handling. The 1ÀX7 tube serves as Aufholverstaerker after the EQ and takes over with its natural saturation behavior the limit he function. The harmonious overtones developing thereby lend the typical sound of tube to the signal. In order to be able to serve the various features fast and effectively, a very clear arrangement of the control elements with clear separation of the handling levels, arrangement of the control elements was developed in level and parameter level. Release September 2001

    price ca. $2200, digital interface (24/96) $300
  9. synergy

    synergy Guest


    price without digital i/o is around $1800.

  10. Hack

    Hack Active Member

    Mar 20, 2001
    Little Rock, AR
    I think I'm either going to get a neve or the great river. But I would like to know the sonic difference between a 1073 and a 1272. I imagine I will have both the neve and the great river by the end of the summer but which neve?

    Totally off the subject...
    I got to mix FOH for Gladys Knight this week. It's very refreshing to hear a singer that doesn't need an autotune. Plus she was very easy to mix, her voice just fit right into the mix with hardly any compresion, like 2db @ 2:1, and no EQ. I would recommend her newest album to anyone. It's sort of like Lauren Hill but with a lot more soul!
  11. Rick Powell

    Rick Powell Guest

    1073 v 1272:

    Fairly equal in sound (except for the added EQ capability of the 1073), but the 1073 has an extra gain stage you can squeeze 20 extra db out of it that you can't w/the 1272. BTW, Great River is working on a model "NV" Neve sound-alike that has gotten great reviews in beta-testing.

    Rick Powell/Studio71
  12. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001
    Originally posted by Hack:
    I think I'm either going to get a neve or the great river. But I would like to know the sonic difference between a 1073 and a 1272.

    It depends who set up the 1272...most of the "repackages" on the market that I've heard sound like total snot. While the 1272 and the 1073 have most of the same parts, same transformers, same basic gain card...the way the gain is applied to the two stages of the B283 is critical to it's tone and performance...that and how the transformers are loaded, and the input impedance, and a few other things that matter...

    A 1073/1066/1064/1084 etc. is going to cost you a whole lot more money, but will hold/increase in value as time goes on...and will [if properly reconditioned] net you the 'Neve' tone for which you search...most of the 'repackages' that I've heard only get you part of the way there on a tonal level. YMMV.
  13. Tony C

    Tony C Guest

    Actually, the Great River MP-2-NV "Mercenary Edition" looks pretty slammin.....
    Hi Fletcher,
    Any word on the time line for the MP-2-NV's avalability?
    Also, I was just wondrin what kind of changes will the MP-2MH undergo?
    If you get a chance. Thanks
  14. It depends who set up the 1272...most of the "repackages" on the market that I've heard sound like total snot.

    Fletcher, what is your impression of the Brent Averill 1272's. I have four of them. (As well as three of his API 312's). I really like the way they sound but of course I have never heard the Neve 1073's.. etc.
  15. Demigoggle

    Demigoggle Guest

    I own his 1272's and 312's as well. I think they sound incredible! If the refurbed 1073's sound better than Brents 1272 (I am just talking about the mic pre of course) they must be godlike. :) Who is trustworthy with completely going through a beatup 1073?
    I have seen Fletcher say good things about Brent's work, does he still feel the same way? :confused:
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