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    Jul 26, 2003
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    i would apreciate your opinion in this matter. I've been working as a recording engeneer for the last 9 years. I work a lot with independent musicians and i own a little PC based recording studio.

    The matter is that i have worked in some places with nice equipment but there were little studios with nice equipment (for example. two channels with U87s Avalon pres, apogee converters, motu 4408 mkIII. The rest of the channels were mackie or focusrite, and so on) For the first time I am going to be in charge of a big session in a great studio and I m not sure of the different colors between all the hardware in my hands. I know everythig would sound nice but im not sure if i could make the right choices. So, I would like some opinions on what would you use in each instrument.

    This is a Tango session, not any kind of music. The session will have:
    Yamaha C7 Piano
    Double Bass (arco y pizzicato)
    Electric Guitar (jazz sound)
    Bandoneon (also called Armonio, similar to a accordeon but much more warmer sound )

    The hardware includes
    2 U87s
    2 414s
    2 earthworks (not sure about the model)
    1 NT1
    2 MD 421 Senheiser
    AT 40 series

    10 API
    Avalon AD2022
    2 Manley VOX BOX
    2 NEVE (not sure about the model)

    Sony DMX-R100

    This is the second production i will do with this guys. The first record was a complete succes and now there more budget to make the second one so i want to do my best for it.
    I have used Avalon and API preamps, but never worked with Manleys. Please i would apresiate some advice from you guys. Sorry for my English but is late and i have little time to write this post. Thank you in advance for your patience.

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    Jul 21, 2006
    Go with what you know for the general takes.

    If there's going to be any scratch tracks, you can experiment with what you don't know there. Just don't take time away from the session.
    Either experiment when no one will notice or do it on your own time.
    Hope that helps
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    Just some thoughts on the "generalities" about the equipment which might help you get a little closer to knowing which direction to choose.

    The Manley pres are thick. Very thick. This is, in many cases, very nice. However, don't over use them or your mix will be thick. Very thick...

    The Neve stuff has always been designed with the intent of cleanliness. The newer the Neve, the closer to his goal. I've heard him confess that his PurePath stuff was his favorite, but that was before the Portico stuff came out.

    The APIs are punchy. They err on the clean side, but are definitely punchy. They're GREAT on drums, certain types of Piano (C7 and API through DPA 4006 can be nirvana! For jazz or similar that is...)

    The U87 is a great starting place for any vocals, though depending upon the version of the 414, you may prefer this. Don't discount the Rode or AT stuff - it can provide some nice change.

    My starting point, if I were looking at this gear and these instruments would be:

    Piano - Earthworks--API (close second would be 414 although I'm generally not a fan of their sound, many are and I do admit, they can work well on piano)

    Bass - either 414 or Earthworks, whichever you don't use above - API or Avalon.

    Violin - MD421 - API

    El Gutiar - U87 - API

    Bandoneon - Depending upon which AT40s they have, I would try a 4050 or a 4060 guessed it...API.

    Feel free to substitute the Neve for many of the APIs above. As for the Manley - if you have any hand percussion or edgy vocals, this would be a good choice. It might also work well on the guitar.

    Good luck and keep us posted!


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