Fletcher and Buddy Miller

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by emedley, Jun 20, 2001.

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  1. emedley

    emedley Guest

    Fletcher, You just went up two more notches of 'cool' in my book. I didn't know you were a Buddy (and Julie) Miller fan? What show were you at when you saw them?
  2. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001
    Gee, sorry it took so long for the reply...I just saw this. Buddy has been a friend for several years. I met him when he was playing with Steve Earle and the Dukes a couple tours ago, and we've stayed in touch ever since.

    Buddy and Julie just swung through town, they did a show at a club in Cambridge [Somerville?] called 'Johnny D's...not a bad club, decent Guiness on tap.

    Usually when Buddy swings through town either on a solo thing or with Emmylou Harris we try to hook up. He's one of my absolute favorite songwriters, and one of the most genuinely nice people I have ever met. It's guy's like Buddy that make it worthwhile to still hang around the music business, it's just a damn shame that more folks haven't been exposed to this exceptional talent.
  3. radiophonic

    radiophonic Guest

    I've been a fan since I saw him play with Emmylou Harris back in 1996. Since then, I caught Buddy & Julie with Steve Earle (97?) and in 2000 as the headliners here in Dallas at the Sons of Hermann Hall. I managed to talk with Buddy a little bit after the show - indeed, he's one of the nicest guys around.

    My folks are into them too - they've seen them a few more times in the D.C. area.

  4. emedley

    emedley Guest

    I've been a fan of his for a while too. I like him as a producer. I love the way his records sound and feel. I've also followed the way he's handled himself in a very nasty Nashville atmosphere. Gnashville's never really figured out what to do with them. I think it's a good thing too. (am I wearing my dislike of all things' Nashville' on my sleeve?)
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