Focusrite Liquid Channel-Worth the Money????

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by youngmain, Jan 4, 2008.

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    First off, I own a UA 6176 and an AdL 600 and I love them both. I am a die hard tube freak! I have one channel left to fill in my digital studio (digi003) and I cant decide between the Liquid Channel and Avalon 737. I heard the 737 a few years back it was smooth. I also heard some recordings that were tracked with it and the seperation was nice. Its like instruments dont fight as much with each other when recorded through it. Heres the problem: my current units provide similar qualities and I want a solid state preamp to provide me with a wider sound pallet. Have any of you guys heard the Liquid Channel? I know it emulates the 737 and for a couple of hundred bucks more than the Avalon I get over 20 more preamps and compressors. The Liquid would be clocked by an Apogee Big Ben so the sound should improve as opposed to using its internal word clock. I am obviously a wreck so to any Focusrite Liquid Channel believers help me. Should I Keep it Tubes or move into solid state? Mics in use are Mojave Ma 200 and AKG 414 XL2. Thanks
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    I have a friend who owns one and uses it religiously. Let me also state that he could give a rip about whether or not it accurately emulates a particular mic pre. His point is it works really well and sounds like he wants it to as well as offering a variety of usable differences. He has API,True Systems,Vintech,ADL600, and an ISA428 at his disposal. He uses the Liguid channel as much as the others.

    Again, the accuracy of the emulation is not something he cares about enough to even test it against pieces he has that it supposedly emulates.
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    does the the liquid mix run off the cpu of the computer, or does it have its own?

    Having 32 channels of compression freed up off my computer would be a real nice performance boost.
    Plus for less then half the price of just one of the compressors it emulates, it has a great price point.

    I to could also not give a rats ass if it sounds like the real thing. just so long as it preforms well and gives me the option to try many different style of compression.

    I would still want to get a few outboard compressors to go along with it.
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    TheFraz, youngmain question is about the liquid channel.
    you're confusing the issue :)
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    Feb 5, 2007
    Oh sorry, I got confused.

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