Focusrite Saffire PRO 26 i/o

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by highonthesound, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. Came within a few clicks of buying a Firepod, and then came across this: http://

    Anyone had a chance to try one these? Or heard anything more about it? Looks amazing...
  2. mud5150

    mud5150 Guest

    wtf this thing better suck, i just spent 1200 on a fireface, this thing has twice as many pre's for 699, I dont know something seems off though, this thing is about half the price of any box with the same features, argh, now I have to know whats up with this thing
  3. stepping it up

    I think they're just stepping it up. I remember when the Tascam 2488 came out a couple years ago evoryone was shocked at the value. Same with the Firepod. I'm sure a few hardcore's around here could name a thousand pieces of gear that have lead the way... I'm gonna dive in head first and pre-order.
  4. lk

    lk Guest

    I really want to invest in 2 Focusrite Saffire Pros but I can't find a review or post on these anywhere. Has anyone bought one yet?
  5. Hardtailed

    Hardtailed Guest

    From what I've gathered on the 'net, it's due next month (mid-may).

    I got tired of waiting and bought a Mackie Onyx 400F, but returned it because the interference from the phantom power supply was driving me crazy and so now I'm waiting for the Saffire Pro, hoping it will be as good (the Mackie did sound really good).

    Instead of buying 2 units, you can get an Octopre LE with ADAT option and hook it to the Saffire Pro through ADAT, although I think that's a bit more expensive (don't know if the sound is also "more expensive").
  6. delayed...

    Not sure if anyone else has recieved this news but like many of you, I was expecting to have my Saffire Pro sometime next week as all the mail order sites say expected 5/15. Well I emailed Simon at Focusrite to confirm the date and he seemed surprise about the 5/15 estimate - more like July or August he said because of delays with the Intel Mac drivers. So I bought a cheap Behringer interface to hold me over (FCA202 - 2 in, 24 bit 96 khz, $79)

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