Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 USB Audio Interface

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by Zafrius, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. Zafrius

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    Jun 6, 2013
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    I am stepping up from a Presonus audio box ,but $500.00 is my limit on an interface.I like the usb. And I'm a Windows 7 user,but prefer my XP Pro 64 bit (Black Viper mod)..I am absolutely sick of research.I have researched for a year now and have ran into the O.S. Problem and firewire.I do know the firewire is great, but I play and record everything all myself.Two channels is more than enough.A foot switch would be nice.I can't say that anyone know how good this interface is? Or which, in that price range would be better.I understand it is entry level.But from what I have read and seen, but not heard,is it flexible for a loner like me. I need that solid Metallica sound.I use a lot of accents in my guitar playing.So I am not pressed for the perfect sound.Metal isn't Metal if it does not sound a lil dirty and live.
    I can not see how I got what I have got out of the Presonus.So, if I make this jump, and spend many hours on mixing, if not weeks,should the Scarlett 18i20 get me on the high end, or am I just wasting money?
    P.S. Don't want to leave Presonus.They can make it easy.duhI really love Sony Acid pro.Would hope to stick with Acid Pro.duh
  2. CoyoteTrax

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    May 25, 2005
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    I bought a 2i2 purely on speculation after looking at all the alternatives in my price range at that time and just to have a temporary solution that would help me use my new laptop to record with once in a while. I was surprised session after session at how well the little Scarlett box performed. First, the pre's were not at all what I expected. They're not clinical or harsh like other interface pre's, and to my ears, sound a lot like the Sound Devices USBPre2 (which I owned and used for a bit). I record vocals, acoustic instruments, guitar amps, effects percussion, hand percussion, woodwinds, and viola.

    The Scarlett pre's are also designed to handle high impedance mics, unlike many other pre's in its price range. The box is dead silent with an incredibly low noise floor. ADAC is really nice to my ears and quite honestly (to me) on par with what I've heard through my BLA modded 1814FW (full TweakHead mod).

    IMO, tracking and mixing with my little 2i2 is so easy and so much fun, it's a dreambox.
  3. OtherExacerbater

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    Jul 10, 2013
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    I was stuck debating between the 18i20 and the ur824 and tested both out, the steinberg unit is a little cleaner but i really did like the pres on the focusrite, as said above not to clinical but not too colored, had a fairly fuller low end sound as well. for the price i dont think you can beat it. I only opted for the UR824 because of the extra adat port, i have a couple colored pres already, and i thought the a/d/a conversion to be just smidges better but other than that extra adat port i felt they were neck and neck and the focusrite comes in $300 less.
  4. DSPDiva

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    Sep 19, 2013
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    I've never tried the Steinburg unit, but Focusrite has been coming out with some pretty decent interfaces lately. An 18i20 has a lot of I/O for you, but the Forte is $500 and the conversion on that unit beat out the Apogee Duet. It sounds great and the pres are great too.
  5. Sjmckean

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    Jan 15, 2014
    I got two of these on sale at GC. Awesome preamps designed by Rupert Neve. I set up one as a standalone 8 analog in and 8 ADAT to the other with 8 ADAT in and 8 analog in. Gives me 16 into Cubase 7. I couldn't be happier with them.

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