focusrite voicemaster pro preamp<<<<<

Discussion in 'Preamps / Channel Strips' started by L_Romp, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. L_Romp

    L_Romp Guest

    any body used it before? worth the money or waste of money... feedback please.....1
  2. Thinkbox

    Thinkbox Guest

    I have no experience but if you looking for a ´voicemaster´ have a look on joemeek or Toft. Focusrite is in my eyes a little bit overpriced.

  3. L_Romp

    L_Romp Guest

    word up thinkbox... more feedbak please
  4. Duardo

    Duardo Guest

    I think it's a pretty handy box. I was a little skeptical when I saw all of the bells and whistles it has but they are all good...I don't think you'd use every feature on a single track, but it does have a lot of useful tone-shaping features. And the de-esser is great.

  5. MistaG

    MistaG Guest

    Been using one for over a year now. It's very versatile and can produce some top notch tracks. Every once in awhile, it falls flat on its face with some mics. Some of the good matches I have found,

    Marshall V67

    Some average results

    Oktava MC012

    Terrible results

    SP C1
    Marshall 603

    Hope that helps. There are some others you should look at in that price range such as the Chamelion, just coming out. Envoice .
  6. jlube

    jlube Guest

    Voicemaster Pro Starting Settings???

    Hey...I just received my Voicemaster Pro along with my Rode NTK...which was mentioned in the above...BONUS!!!

    From experience...any recommendations on a "starting point" on the settings???
    I know each voice is different, but I am interested in knowing the settings used as a starting point!!!
    I am a new user, and your response is deeply appreciated!
  7. ShellTones

    ShellTones Guest

    Nothing against the VM Pro 'cause I've never heard it, but if I had the money for a VM Pro I'd instead save another $100 or so and get a single channel of bonafide high-end preamp like Speck or Sebatron.
  8. inLoco

    inLoco Active Member

    Jul 25, 2004
    i use the focusrite octopre and like it! has a good transparent sound! i presume the pre is the same with much more features! so it may be a cool thing! but for a little more you can have a much better product... i presume...
  9. MistaG

    MistaG Guest

    Start with the VMPro by turning everything off and just using the preamp. By itself you get a very nice sound. Also kick in the high pass shelf around 100. You'll probably not use anything below 150-200 on the vocal but I like to have a little something there just in case I want the vocal to sound fuller.

    Next you could start with the opto compressor and get it set where it just rounds off the transients.

    Stay away from vintage harmonics and EQ with the NTK. Things go weird fast there. Other more sterile sounding mics can get this treatment, SM57 comes to mind and low end Chinese mics. Usually not needed on vocals unless you're going for a vibe thing

    You will never use the the Optical Expander unless your computer or other things in your room are excessively noisey. The gate is slow on this and I find it useless.

    The Desser is great set to drop level about -6 at 10k, not always needed.

    Tube sound works on bass and guitars, especially if they are coming our of an amp modeler.

    The DI is great. The latency free monitoring is great. You can tap in a reverb for tracking but only send the dry signal to tape which is a nice feature.

    Get the AD card if you can afford it later. Hope that helps.
  10. jlube

    jlube Guest

    Perfect...Thank you so much for the info!!!
    I was recording a bit last night...using all of the features, and I kept thinking....I need to "not use" all of this b/c it was beginning to sound rather tonight, I'll check it out with your recommendations!
    I absolutely love the Rode NTK so far by the way....I can't wait to track some more tonight!!!
  11. jlube

    jlube Guest

    The AD card...I'm not familiar with this.....Did you get it, and what enhancements does it give you?...Thanks.
  12. jlube

    jlube Guest

    One last thing...I'm using Sonar 4 PE and am currently monitoring everything coming back out of that through my EchoAudio Layla 3G.
    What type of setup are you using to get the most out of the above set up? i.e...VM Pro, NTK, through Layla 3G, into Sonar (Dell PC).
    It seems like I have to constantly turn all of my track levels down to get the vocals to stand out while recording....but they fit in just great on playback.
    Thanks in advance, as I am new to getting all of this set up, maximizing the capabilities!!!
  13. jlube

    jlube Guest

    OK...almost finished..ha!
    What type of "plug-ins" do you use the most...the ones that came with Sonar are alright (the Pantheon reverb is great), but I'm willing to look further as I don't want to sacrifice quality for a few bucks!!
  14. MistaG

    MistaG Guest

    The AD card - Basically it does the conversion outside of the computer and gives you a cleaner signal than the analog source. This gets you the most pristine sound.

    track levels - When I use the NTK my chain is this: NTK, VMPro, DBX 160x for limiting, Lynx IIA soundcard. I try to keep the incoming level bouncing at -6 on the meters in Sonar. Sometimes I drop the DBX and just watch my levels.

    plug-ins - UAD1 card is the best overall value in the market. They emulate all the top external hardware units most large studios track and mix with. A better reverb which I use for modeling the mix is the Sonitus reverb. It's smoother then the Lexicon. When I go for the final mix I usually use the Plate 140 on the UAD1.

    Autotune of course and a good external voice processor. I also use external delays or reverbs in conjunction with the plug ins.

    There you go, hope that helps.
  15. jlube

    jlube Guest

    MistaG....thank you so much for the info!!!
    One MORE question!
    I may have a level wrong or something, but I've checked everything...I think???
    I'm not using the headphone out of the VM Pro currently...just running...NTK---VM Pro---Layla3G Sound Interface---Sonar4 PE
    I'm not getting much volume in my headphones (direct out of Layla)
    from the vocals while recording, and the out meter on the VM Pro is hardly registering...if I turn the Out up any more it peaks the meter on the Layla, and I'm afraid I'd get an extreme distortion...........but the recorded vocal is bouncing around -6 in Sonar and sounds pretty darn good via playback and exporting to .wav and on a CD!!!!
    ....should I be running a separate line out of the headphone out (VM Pro) into some sort of a headphone amp??? I know I've asked a bit, but I'm new to the "computer DAW" world, and you have been nothing but a huge springboard....and your assistance on how YOU would set this up is appreciated more than you know!!!!
  16. jlube

    jlube Guest

    On the UAD-1....there's a Project Pak ("cheaper") and a Studio Pak ("not quite as 'cheaper'..ha")......Recommendations???
    I'm using a Dell PC with Windows XP...if it matters???
  17. MistaG

    MistaG Guest

  18. huub

    huub Guest

    the focusrite platinum stuff is really good, but not genius..
    Most condensers sound wonderful through them, it's nearly impossible to get a great dynamic mic sound..
    I think..
  19. L_Romp

    L_Romp Guest

    yo peoples good looks on the feedback.. much appreciated.. Mista G... im usin a Studio Project C1 mic... do u think the focusrite will give me a better sound than the chameleon 7602??? any feedback is much appriciated... muchas gracias my amigos
  20. MistaG

    MistaG Guest

    I prefer the Chameleon overall as a preamp, it is a knock off of, some say a Chandler, some say a Neve 1073 and it is around the same price as the VMPro. However, the VMPro has a built in opto compressor which is very nice, not intuitive, but nice.

    I would have to opt for the Chameleon based on preamp sound alone, it is very Neve sounding.

    The C1 however, I have an issue with. I owned one for a long time and finally sold it. First because the metal begain to tarnish and its the only mic I've ever had do this. Can you say no resale value. Second, I thought it was cold, lifeless and crispy sounding. Better a Marshall V67, V69, AT 4033 or 4040. These are all better overall mics I have found than the C1.

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