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    I work in the recording studio of a medium size record label in Kolkata, India. We are in the process of changing our entire studio recording equipment. We will be using the O2R96 with Nuendo (Motu interface).

    I'm still very much on the learning curve as far as Nuendo and O2R96 are concerned. I have a specific problem and I hope someone can help me.

    For sending the foldback output to the musicians' headphones, which output should I take from the mixer so that flexibility is maximized? I want to be able to send a totally independent mix to the musician's headphones.

    I thought about taking the output from Aux 7+8, but if I put some effects on, say, Aux 1+2, how would I send this to Aux 7+8? Or is there a better way to approach the problem?

    Thank you very much.

    Abhimonyu Deb
    Senior Recording Engineer
    SaReGaMa India Ltd.

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