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Discussion in 'Mastering' started by swprophet, Jul 15, 2006.

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    I have been studying sound recording for about 3 months. And this forum has been extremely helpful is pointing me in a possitive direction. I was just wondering if a few of you could post pre-mastered songs and then a mastered version of the same song. I want to have a chance to test my ears and figure out what a mastered recording should sound like. as always thanks for any help.

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    Two problems.

    Most songs are copyrighted and so one cannot just post them on the web.

    Second problem is that in order to post a couple of songs on the web you would probably need to convert them to MP3s which would not be good for hearing examples of before and after.

    Suggest finding a mastering studio near where you live and ask if you can listen to some before and afters of a couple of songs or go with a band or artist when they go to the mastering studio and listen for yourself.

  3. swprophet

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    that's true but if anyone has something to share (even if it's mp3) please feel free.
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    i am relatively new here and also to the field of mastering.

    may i suggest purchasing a copy of bob katz's book, mastering - the art and the science. you can find it on amazon

    also, if you want some samples of stuff i have done feel free to contact me at
  5. Brandon

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    you can find some before and after samples here...


    good luck
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    I have a bunch of A/B's on the MM site -

    Most of them are from somewhat problematic recordings though... The changes may be a little more "radical" than most recordings that sound really good in the first place...

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