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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Binou, Apr 5, 2010.

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    Dear friends, i am very proud to be a member of this forum! It is an excellent source of information and you are doing an excellent work. I would like your help, i am a musician, i own a home studio but also i am a graphic designer and i am doing my MA degree in UK. I need your opinion about my project. You knowledge is by far better than mine in recording studios and i would like to share with me your experience. Music is my love.

    Title of Project: An investigation of how to create a successful brand identity for a recording studio that focuses in creating connections between people.

    My research main aim is to create a new image of how recording studios approach their target audience and to create a new experience for the user. I am building a social community which will offer to people the ability to investigate and to explore their talents and to share their common interests with other people.

    The experience is taking place in a modern building with four available studio rooms and a big common area to relax. In the common area which is called live room you can: read a book or a magazine, listen to music, have a drink or eat something, meet with your friends, meet new people, share ideas. The wider context of the project is how music can be used visually to connect people, to give them motivation to explore their needs, their need for creativity. After all...all we need is music.


    - 1,Would you like go at this recording studio and be a part of the community, why?

    - 2.What kind of services will you require to make you fully satisfied from a recording studio? (example: offers, gifts cards, points to gain free hours of recording)

    - 3.What kind of promotional items from the recording studio would attract your attention? (example: poster, online advertising, website to keep you inform, blog, facebook, video, magazine advert, etc)

    - 4.What kind of atmosphere do you like in recording studios (examples: friendly, professional, cozy, like home, rocky, jazzy, etc)

    - 5.Define one think you liked the most in a recording studio. A thing that made this recording studio unique and got your attention. (examples: free t-shirts and drinks ect.)

    - 6.“all we need is music” do you agree with that phrase, why?

    Thank you for time.
    Christina Binou, MA Branding and Identity Design, Nottingham Trent University.

    If you need to contact me for any reason feel free.

    Music is all we need:biggrin:
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    That's allot of questions. Your description almost sounds like one of those virtual things on Facebook, you know Yoville or something. I can't stand that community game stuff though because the music is so sappy and the characters look dumb, especially when they keep waving stupid repetitive gestures or whatever..
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    Haha! I cant stand these games too! :) Althought facebook manages very well to keep people busy with this games! cheers
  4. Jp22

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    Yes, they can be quite addictive for some people. If they fixed some of them and made them a bit more kool, they might not be so bad. I like the one where you're either a dog, a monkey or a pissed rabbit and you shoot rockets at each other or throw grenades. I think it's called "Wild Ones". I keep running out of grenades though and they want me to buy them with real money. Incidentally, I'm a level 95 vampire on Vampire Wars and I have a clan size of around 40. Some people have clans close to 500, so that must be nice. They can give lots of carnival tickets to each other for Mandyland.
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