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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by batman124617, Jan 30, 2006.

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  1. batman124617

    batman124617 Guest

    Can I use one form SR to copyright the sound recording of an entire CD? I'm helping a buddy out who just recorded an album. On his album there are 3 original songs, 5 written by his producer, 2 cover songs, and a medley. Now he wants his parents company to administer the usage of his recording. So if I use just one form, do I list the company as the author? And would it be a work for hire? All of the licensing for the cover songs have been taken care of through ascap. Thanks for any info!!! 8)
  2. BigTrey

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    Mar 22, 2005
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    You would use Form PA, to copyright all of the songs as one work. No you wouldn't list the company as the author, but as the owner, you would list the artist for each individual song as the author (don't qoute me on this). It wouldnt be a work for hire. Hope this helps.
  3. Steve Halko

    Steve Halko Guest

    To register a copyright for a sound recording (the CD), you use one form SR. since there's only one sound recording.

    To register a copyright for the non-cover songs. an individual form PA is required for each song.

    If the copyright owner of the all the songs on the CD is the same as the copyright owner of the sound recording, then you can use one form SR to register both the sound recording and the underlying musical works (the songs). But your CD contains cover songs owned by other people. So you will have to register the non-cover songs separately on individual form PAs.

    Also, ASCAP is a performing rights organization and does not provide licenses for songs to be published on a CD. You need to purchase mechanical licenses for the cover songs from Harry Fox Agency.

    On the form SR, for the author you would put the name of the performer or the name of the producer - whoever owns the copyright in the sound recording.
  4. about the forms

    If you need any help deciding on what forms to use, or how to fill out these forms, check out here is a great place to ask questions to a man who has been in the business for 25 years!!! plus it has step by step instructions on filling out these forms!

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