fostex fd4 is taking 18 hours to format my external drive

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    :? My Fostex Fd4 is taking atleast 18 hours to format my 73gb SCSI external harddrive. the manual says it will take a while, but I dont think it should take this long. I think something is wrong. the manual says that it will say COMPLETE!. My first attemp yeilded no COMPLETE!, even though I let it continue the process overnight. when I returned to the fd4 it was still counting down, and the bars on the display above 3 and 4 were raised. when I returned again it had stopped at -60 31. there was no COMPLETE! to be found. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME! I AM IN DIER NEED OF HELP!!!!
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    Mar 22, 2004
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    I might be off here.. but it could be a low level format, where each data sector is erased. this does ake a super long time.... Does the manual say a anything related to the format options ?


    WYSIWYG Guest

    It just says that once the formatting process is done it will read COMPLETED! in the lower righthand side of the display. It never reaches that point. Instead it stops. Fostex support e-mailed me saying that one of the pieces of equipment might be faulty. I also have an Iomega Zip 250. I dont' know how to connect it to see if the fd4 is not working. If you can help me with that, it will be a great help. Thank you.
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    Hi There I just bought myself a 73G scsi hard drive for my fostex fd 4 and I was wandering if you where finally able to format yours in 2007.It is taking a lot of time to format mine and I just google about it and found your post here.I'm just trying to get some infos.


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