Fostex PM-series


I am in need of montors and I have been listening to the Fostex PM1 and PM2 and I must say that I really liked them.

Liked them better than both KRK V4 (which I must say that I hated, they sounded really plastic and boxy, also they were ugly to look at - anyone agree with me) and Yorkville blabla actives which I thought were sounding funny in the mids.

Now, I am kind of new to this business, but after reading reviews, forum posts etc it seems that my own idea of how the monitors should sound is most important.

I wonder is there anyone who are using (have been using) the PM1 or PM2 for home mixing/recording and have some final input to me before I go buy either of them)

The room I will be working in will be rather small (at least initially) - is there a drawback with the PM2's just because they are bigger (acousicly) when sitting in a small room?

Any comments appreciated


Hello I have a pair of PM1's and they are cool but to me they dont sound or represent the music at it should be, just doesnt sound quite right. Been reading around this forum and the best advice Ive read and the one that will be said by all the people who know what they are talking about will say to save up some more money and buying a really good pair of monitors. genelic, adams etc.(Im looking into buying a pair of genelic 1031) and make your monitor choice a one time investment rather than buy a pair then later buy another. But if you are mind set into buying the fostex monitors or you really like them then they are fine and my PM1's do me good in my medium-sized studio.
Hope this helps some.

Junior Cervantes



I decided to wait with my purchase and save some more money anyway. Guess I'll be using it to get some other stuff too, mics, soundcard, cables and other stuff I need.

Cool that you live in Austin. I lived in Austin for a year (up in Westlake hills) '90-91 when I was an high-school exchange student. Been back once in '97. :cool: