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Press Release Fractal Axe-Fest @ Wisseloord Studio's - The Netherlands

Discussion in 'Press Release Forum' started by FractalAxeFx, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. FractalAxeFx

    FractalAxeFx Active Member

    Oct 30, 2013
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    Hello all,

    I'm organizing an Axe Fest, The Dutch Version on saturday the 30th of november 2013 at The Wisseloord Studio's in Hilversum, Netherlands.

    What better place could a musician wish for than the studio where many great artists like Mick jagger, ELO, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Scorpions, The Police, Anouk and many, many others recorded their albums.

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    More info: Wisseloord Studios

    Fractal in a studio? Listen what Nick Raskulinecz has to say about it:

    The program is still in progress but for now this day will be jampacked with:

    * Demo's from some users and their gear in Studio #1

    * Recap of Axe-Fest LA; several presentations by yek:

    Setup, do's and dont's
    Building a preset
    Amps & Cabs
    Tone Matching

    * Gear, gear and more gear:
    MFC-101 Mark III
    New Matrix Cabs (including the 212FR)
    Stomplabels from Stomplabel.de

    * A tour through the studio building

    * Last but not least, sharing experiences and have some good talk with fellow Fractalians @ The Wisseloord Bar.

    Day starts at 11:00, The Wisseloord Bar closes at 19:00

    The price…..

    Because of the sponsorship of G66 the price is only………. 0 (say zero) euro's for the whole day! Yes, this whole day is for FREE!
    But hang on, it get's even better.

    What do you get when you come:
    All of the above.
    Some coins for food and drinks. (More coins are available for 2,50 eur at the day itself)
    An unique and great experience to feel the vibe the walls are breathing in that famous studio and see where it all happened.
    A lot of fun :)

    To keep things running smooth and get yourself a place on the attendee list, please send me a PM here with the following info:
    * Your email address
    * Your full name

    Assignment of the available places is based on the incoming order of the PM's. People from abroad are also welcome of course.
    Confirmation, more info and details will follow later by email.

    See you in Hilversum?

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