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  1. Hi, I'm trying to set my mic up on my pc so I can start messing around with recording. I hooked it up to my old tascam us-122 and installed the driver software to the computer. Now I'm wondering if there's a free program I can download with which I can record and mix using my little setup. It doesn't have to be too user friendly or anything, I just need a way to actually record using the microphone and work with those tracks. I'm also worried that after I get one of these programs it won't recognize the us-122 or I just won't be able to get them to interact with one another.
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    Kristal is nice, Audacity is Ubiquitous, but for my .02 I'd like to put REAPER as the freebie/demoable DAW software of choice. You can use it as a full featured program for personal study for free ( I think ), and the pro version, which doesn't have anything special added to it, just the pride of knowing you're helping out a cool guy, is only $50. Any of the three will work, as long as you've got a PC. If you're on a mac, use Garageband, and if you're on Linux, god help you


    p.s. just google these guys to download them
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    Where did I leave that post...

    Note that about halfway down that thread I post a sentence with 5 separate links in it.

    I'm going to use every damn freebie out there and write reviews/a comparison on them all. Then post it here in a massive list.

    For now, Kristal if you want to multitrack a lot. Mulab if you want proper effects but limited track count. Audacity if you want a basic waveform editor.
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    Reaper is available for Mac now and it works on Linux through winE.
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    Not quite correct. $50 buys you a non commercial license for personal use only. The full 'pro' version (which as you say is exactly the same) costs $225.

    The demo period is officially 1 month, but the demo is unrestricted apart from a nag screen, and will run for as long as you want it to. (My own demo period lasted about 3 months... then I accidentally got paid for something I mixed with it, so felt obliged to buy a commercial license!)
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    Not accurate regarding Reaper licensing. A non-commercial / personal use license is $50. a commercial use license is $250. You are permitted a 30 trial period after which you are expected to pay up or remove it.
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    What happened to Cubase LE that came with the Tascam? That's a great bit of software and way more useable than most of the free choices, with the exception of Reaper.

    Incidentally, for Linux there is Ardour which is looking pretty darn good these days. It looks as though they are incorporating VST, AU and or Wrapper ability. On the site they have a screenshot showing Waves and SSL plugins.

    It's not "free" anymore though you can choose to pay from $0.00-$whatever you have in your pocket.

    There's also Traverso, Mixx, Muse LE and I'm sure there are others.

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