Free RTAS plugins for ProTools LE?



I've noticed tons of free VST plugins all over the net. But I run ProTools LE on a G4, and I haven't seen ANY freeware RTAS plugins. Do they even exist? If anyone has any information on any sites where one can download freeware RTAS plugins, I would highly appreciate it. Thanks.


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Apr 21, 2005
Free plugs for ptle are few and far between. And the ones that are out there really suck arse. I think of all the searching I've done I found one plug by izotope and a few chorus/flanger things that really butcher the sound. Honestly there just isn't much free stuff out there. However if you have pro tools 6.4 or higher you can get eq3 and dynamic3 for free. I love both. One time I had a crucial mix to do, the band did three songs in 3 days and wanted it "great sounding", so I downloaded the demo's for mcdsp and used them, top notch. Also try out wave arts plugs, I demo'd then bought every one, well worth it, trackplug5 alone is phenominal.


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Mar 19, 2003
Kirkland WA
Because digidesign has to certify any RTAS plug and the cost of the developement kit it to expensive to release free plugs.

Unlike VSTs or audio units where anybody can download the SDK.
best bet is to purchase the vst to RTAS adaptor from Fxpansion to convert existing free VSTs.



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May 28, 2003
Kansas City, KS
Ditto. The VST protocol is so encrypted at times, and dumbfoundingly vague at others, that anyone can write a VST plug. And most of them do stink.

What was said about Digi is true. Pro Tools is a proprietary DAW software. It is not open architecture. So, they want some quality control. Where as there is none with VST, because it is a means to an end.