From ADATS to what?

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by Wayne Butler, Jul 4, 2001.

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  1. Wayne Butler

    Wayne Butler Guest

    I have lots of outboard gear and don't want to stop using all of it. Great River, VMP-2, Cranesong, Lexicon, RNC's, etc. Have a 24 channel Mackie that could stay or go.

    I would like to record either DAW or computer. Problem is, after reading 'till my eyes bleed, I'm not much closer than I was. Need 24 to 32 channels of digital with use ofplug-ins editing, and etc.

    Analog outs thru AD's, lightpipe to hard drive?


  2. subspace

    subspace Guest

    In the fall of '99, I was running 2 adat XTs with a Mackie 24x8. I had a couple of projects that were overflowing my 16 tracks and I was sorting through my options. Then one of the adats went down and needed a new headstack. Alesis had no replacement available for three weeks and I needed something to work on. I went to the local guitar shop and bought a MOTU 2408. I had a PowerMac 7600 with a 180MHz CPU, 80MB of ram, a 1GB and a 2GB hard drive. I stuck the card in, installed the bundled software, connected the interface and the remaining adat. The app, AudioDesk (Mac only), synced to my adat on the first roll through and I was able to transfer 8 tracks in without trouble. I then tried to load the second tape in on the next pass. No problem. I popped in a new tape and the original tracks rolled perfectly in sync. Both problems solved for $900.
    It's going on 2 years now and I only use adats for loading up old projects. I've added a 1224 for nice conversion and upgraded that old Mac a bit so I don't use the board for much more than pres and monitoring. I mix within that same bundled software. Last night I was working on a 48 track project that started out on adat 3 years ago. It's dead reliable and runs on a machine you can pick up for a couple hundred bucks, so you can try it out before investing too heavily. If you wanna mix externally, you don't need a fast Mac at all for some huge track counts with full automation. I gotta finish this up now cause the band that's got me locked out for the next three days is gonna be here soon. Feel free to ask for any specifics, HTH.
  3. pan

    pan Guest

    I can second that! We are using two old ADATs and 2408core+1296 via lightpipe. Maximum analog outs: 36 (ADATs only 16 Bit). But 20 good quality I/O. Pretty much enough for 10 stereo bus outs of your CPU.

  4. Dedric

    Dedric Guest


    Paris is a great solution for a studio like yours - moving from ADAT to HD-based. You can easily run 32, 48, 64, 80 or more tracks from disk - PC or Mac - DirectX or VST plugins are supported, plus you have the added benefit of onboard 4-band EQ, comps, FX, etc in addition to those, and you can simply patch in the RNCs, or other outboard gear as inserts, outboard reverbs on auxes, etc. Paris can replace your mixing console, and works very well in that case. I don't use a console anymore, but track direct to Paris, edit, and mix there. The sound quality is far superior to ADATs, much more expensive systems and consoles, IMHO, but the functionality is similar to a traditional console. You can run analog 24-bit I/O and ADAT I/O in whatever combinations you wish. Feel free to email me or post on the Paris forum if you need more info.

    Emu VAR
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