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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by stephen_mendes, Jan 15, 2004.

  1. I am thinking of purchasing the

    Wave Center + Tango

    Does anybody in here own these products ?

    Any advice you would like to pass my way.... before I part with my money forever.

    Thanks folks
  2. Bill Park

    Bill Park Guest

    I've been a fan of Frontier since the original ISA Wave Center. Charlie and Barry are great guys.

    The Tango24 or the Tango? The 24 is a good sounding converter set for it's time and place, though it might not compare to what is available today. I assume that price plays a large part in your decision and that you are getting a great deal on this stuff.

    Check the Frontier website to see if they have drivers for the platform that you are using. For the longest time they did not have complete support for XP in their Dakota/Montana/Sierra cards. If they have proper drivers, then I say go for it, if the Tango is enough of a converter for your needs. Don't take promises though. If the drivers aren't there, pass.

    Frontier supplies technology to Tascam for the US series of equipment. (428/224/122)

  3. mistals

    mistals Guest

    ive been using the dakota with a tango 24 and an ADAT for almost 4 years without any problems. ive used the card in different systems with different set ups successfully. i've used it as both master clock and slaved to outside source. im not sure how the wavecenter stacks up to dakota but if you dont need all the ins/outs and other interfaces it should work fine for you. as mentioned before me, do check to see if drivers are available for your platform. they do have excellent customer service.
  4. Jan Folkson

    Jan Folkson Guest

    I've got the Dakota/Montana system with a Tango/24. I've been very happy with it.
  5. algorhythm

    algorhythm Guest

    Frontier's stuff is excellent. I owned one of their original WaveCenter ISA cards around '97 or '98, and they went above and beyond with support even though I lived in Europe at the time. I was also the product mgr for the US-428/224, so I've had plenty of opportunity to work closely with them through some very challenging circumstances. Good peeps, good gear.
  6. CircuitRider

    CircuitRider Active Member

    Feb 10, 2002
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    So Daniel, can you help me out with this thread:

    (Dead Link Removed)
  7. Bill Park

    Bill Park Guest

    I think that it is a bad idea to tie your converters, preamps and control together.

  8. Michael Scott

    Michael Scott Active Member

    Aug 1, 2002
    Ontario Canada
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    I second that. On another note, have you seen this yet?
  9. algorhythm

    algorhythm Guest

    I replied to your Tascam control surface thread.

    The Mackie dxB is very cool, though price-wise it's in a whole other league.
  10. Bill Park

    Bill Park Guest

    There are a couple of things about the design that I was less enthusiastic about than most.

    In the first place, if you have ever worked with touch screens before, you know that it is not at all fun. The idea of having my arm at full extension shoulder height as I lean forward to touch the screen for 6, 8, or 16 hours at a time does not interest me.

    I don't like inputs and outputs that are tied together in a common format. It seems more logical to me to have seperate card cages for inputs and outputs, and for me to be able to have the formats of my choice.

    Since the dXb is really just a controller, why not remote the guts? All that wiring could sit in a rack mounted box in my racks, with all the cableing and nonsense there (and shorter signal paths...) and a simple controller umbilical could run to the console. Clean up the look, clean up the signal path, and make updating easier.

    Just my opinion.

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