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    Hey guys - new here

    I use Fruity Loops Studio all the time but need help with a few things...

    1) How do you import .wav files and set them to a specific bpm?

    2) Are there any places to download new samples such as new pads, drum kits, etc?

    3) How can you create new pads in Fruity Loops...I don't ave a keyboard or anything like that...but I can import .wav files and beats to slice etc..

    Thank alot! :lol:
  2. raiphord

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    i have been wondering the same thing.
    how are you importing your wav files to the pc.
    i would like to know.

  3. I'm not sure how to change the tempo of a wav in FL.

    The way i do things is

    Rewire Nuendo, Fruity Loops, Reason, and whatever else you have (such as gigastudio or sampletank) and you've got one sick production link going on.

    Anyway, i use the Dr. Rex in Reason for importing a changing tempo to match with project tempo (fastest way i've found). But there are other ways.

    If you get sound forge or acid you can easily change the tempo of the wav file. pain in the butt about that is if you change your project tempo you will have to go back and change the wav too.

    Also are you using FL Studio or Producers edition? Each one has a few diff features.
  4. Tempo is right next to the PLAY, STOP, AND RECORD BUTTONS. it PRESET to 140bpm, you sould see it. u click and hold down on the 140.. drag up or down to change the BPM.

    to IMPORT WAV files go to your BROWSER (left cornor) click CHANNEL PRESETS.. Go down to FRUITY SLICER. open that and use BASIC SLICING. hold that and drag it into one of your BOXES then drag your wav file into the box.

    P.S u can only use WAVS i beleve UNLESS U have the FL5 Or something.

    just takes time 2 learn..

    im making a FL TUTORIAL VIDEO this week that will cover all this, sampling, sites to download samples, how to use all of the FETURES.

    ill upload it and let you know when its on the net.. IF i dont burn it and sell it on ebay. LOL
  5. not sure but i think they are asking about changing the tempo for the wav file they are importing. the master project tempo does not control the tempo for a wav file. as a matter of fact the only thing you would use the master tempo for when it comes to wav's within FL is to get the loop propper by finding the right tempo of the loop.

    and yes ALL version of FL can import wav files. you can either put them into the directory where all of your FL samples are now or you can just set up FL to include the directory it is in.
  6. ^ No sorry i ment FL only ACCEPTS WAVS, I beleve the new FL5 takes MP3's also. thing i was wrong. and yes i got it mixed up, you cant change a WAVS tempo. u can if u use slicing, but it becomes distorted, edit it in something like acid, and then import it 2 fruity loops.
  7. This is kinda off subject, but can somebody please tell me how I can change the lemgth of the track thing. It's incredibly short, and it just keeps looping over and over again. I'm pretty new to this, but I'm trying to figure it out.
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