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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by sargentpilcher, Mar 27, 2005.

  1. Forgive me if you all think I'm an idiot for asking this.

    Does anybody here like or use fruity loops? Personally I love it, and I can't believe people are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for things like acid, or even cubase. Fruity loops costs $50.00 and with it you get vst/dxi support, you get midi compatibility, you can paste wav files into a loop section JUST like acid can. You can make drum beats real quick, you can add your own samples, there are dozens of effects to use including delay, compressors, distortion, and the like.

    Yet with all these features, everybody I've talked to has dissed fruity loops and said it was only for "beginners." So I want to ask, what's so bad about fruity loops and what's so good about everything else? (besides the ability to record. That one is obvious)
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    I personaly think its about personal preference.When starting out not to long ago I tryed the demo of Orion 5 I thought it was so cool it was a good program but quite buggy then I got my hands on a demo of FL and didn't find it good for me at all,People were allways telling me it's easy or its childsplay,well I guess not for me I couldn't really do anything productive with it the user interface was garbage to many menues and sub menues just to do something very simple any way FL didn't work out for me so finally got the Reason 2.5 demo...and thats the day I fell in love,lol.Iv'e been a Reason user ever since I had to buy after testing the demo numerous times and not being able to save.Anyway Reason has all the things I need to produce a great instrumental but it doesn't support vst/dx nor does it record audio hence the need or want for a sequencer like Cubase bring that into the picture and you have a force to be rekoned with! Now you have the allready great Reason,a better featured sequencer,vst/dx effects and instruments,the ability to incorperate hardware synths,samplers,sound modules,effects,and the ability to record quality vocal tracks.

    I think a program or a piece of hardware that trys to have everything rather than focusing on one thing ends up sacraficing in key areas there for making it less than ideal for certain tasks.I rather have something that puts all its power into one key area than something that distributes its power to several purposes.
  3. Very well put. I understand now. It's just that when people tell me why other programs are better, I think theyre so stupid because fruity loops can do everything that they often think that it can't.
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    yes tho I don't like it I know someone else will whats not good for some mabey for others. people need to stop being childish and do what they do and let others do what they do simple as that.It doesn't matter what you use good music is good music the program doesn't make the music you do and thats what counts your the artist and whats an artist with out his tools?Everyone has there own tools and utilizes them differently.So it shouldn't matter what you use as long as you get the job done and the finished product is good.
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    I have been using acid since it was released. I am now running acid 5.0. Great program. I also have FL Studio. I create all of my sounds on hardware(Korg EM-1 and Korg Triton Rack). The sounds that FL comes with have a very "cheesy" sound to them. I use FL Studio to whip up a quick template, and then make it on another insterment. I have a buddy who makes hip-hop, and creates fantastic stuff with FL. FL can't be denied in the world of DAW's. It is one action packed set up, but not for all
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