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    8x8 MIDI interface/synchronizer/patchbay/merger
    Mac/Windows* $595
    Mark of the Unicorn introduces the MIDI Timepiece AV. Combine MIDI with ADATs (tm), ProTools (tm), or video. The MIDI Timepiece AV takes our world-renowned MIDI Time Piece II and adds synchronization that you really need, like video genlock, ADAT sync, and word clock sync. Even Digidesign superclock!

    Slave ADATs, Digidesign hardware or word-clock compatible devices to SMTPE and video. Drive your ADATs from your sequencer without an Alesis BRC (tm). Or control everything from an MMC controller like JL Cooper's CuePoint (tm). The MTP AV pulls it all together for stable, centralized, hassle-free synchronization and MIDI networking. For Macintosh (r), Windows (r), and stand-alone setups.

    The MTP AV is also an 8x8 merger and router. You can merge any combinations of the eight inputs simultaneously to any combination of the eight outputs. Because the MTP AV's internal memory can be programmed from the front panel,the MTP AV is the perfect choice for live performance applications where fast and flexible MIDI patching is essential. You can take the MTP AV on the road because it can operate with or without a computer. The MTP AV can be set to change scenes in response to patch changes, allowing remote control from any MIDI controller.

    Asking $395.

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