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    Hi there, this is my first posting to the forums although i have read and enjoyed many of the topics covered here, over the last year or so.

    i am an electronics novice.

    i have managed to build a simple "full wave rectifier" using four diodes.

    but, could i get a better sounding one using a vacum tube?

    what i would really like to do is to build an audiophile type wave rectifier similar to "D-Fi's" "recti-fi" plug-in.

    i hope this makes sense to somebody out there.

    many thanks

  2. pindrop

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    I'm not familiar with that plug in and I don't know what it attempts to do, but the main difference between solid state and tube rectifiers, is that the SS stuff passes lots of current quickly seemingly without limit (compared to the components using it--transistors, tubes, whatever) whereas, tube rectifiers will usually hit a wall at some point creating "sag". The rectifier tube can't pass any more current than it is, even though whatever it's powering is asking for it. The circuitry acts a little "starved" compared to what it would be getting from a well designed SS power supply. That sag sounds a lot like additional compression. Of course, if the power supply is well designed, an amplifier will already be quite distorted by the time you get into the rectifier tube.

    Audiophile? I don't know. Better sounding? Still don't know.

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