Fuller and slightly darker than a KSM27?

Discussion in 'Vocalists' started by lostindundee, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. lostindundee

    lostindundee Active Member

    Hi there

    My band and I have a Shure KSM27 LDC Mic.

    This being a fairly bright mic, I was wondering if anyone could suggsest another LDC which is considered to be fuller and darker coloured in comparison to the KSM27. I'm looking for something around the same price as the KSM27 or with a price ceiling as high as £400/$500.

    Can anyone offer some opinions?

  2. Greener

    Greener Guest

    400 pounds and 500 dollars are two different amounts.
    Can you specify which is your ceiling?
  3. lostindundee

    lostindundee Active Member

    Hi Greener

    Sorry for the confusion it's just that the KSM27 goes for a price in the same ball park on each side of the pond (£230/$350). I usually find that if I almost double the amount of £££s, I don't usually get an accurate $$$ value of a product in the US. I guess if I had doubled the $$$s then someone would have replied saying "Huh...a KSM27 doesn't cost this much over here in the US."

    I digress. Lets just for say £400/$700 :D

    This ceiling is slightly higher than the KSM27's cost.

  4. The KSM27 is actually quiet neutral in character. I'd consider a non-modified Oktava MK319 to be "darker."

    You could always try one of the low cost ribbon mics that every manufacturer and their mother are buying from China. (Nady RSM4, Cascade Fathead, Avantone CR14, etc). That'll put another mic in your locker and darken things up for you. It'll also come in under your budget.
  5. lostindundee

    lostindundee Active Member

    Thanks for that WindyCityMastering

    I'll do some investigating. :)

    Kindest Regards


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