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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by dom272, Mar 1, 2008.

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  1. dom272

    dom272 Guest


    Firstly-Sorry in advance for the length of this question! I've been playing with a mac intel imac OS X 10.4.7 and garageband just using line-in ports for electric guitar/inbuilt mic for acoustic guitar and vocals for a while now and I'd like to get it to sound a bit better using an audio interface...

    I'd also like to learn a bit of keyboard....or at least have a keyboard available for some song ideas for which I'd like to add bass lines & drums.

    I promise that I have researched until my heads spinning!! However, if one reads enough forum reviews and zzsounds customer reviews they directly contradict themselves (eg presonus firebox is great....oh's preamps are crap.....or line6 tonepro and gearbox software is great...oh hang on a minute its crap again!!...and its only USB!!)...I've just read another post saying that in the sub $300 price range that Im looking the difference in pre-amps isn't significant at all! Two weeks research down the drain!! AAAAArrrrggghhh! HELP!! (deep breath!)

    So....I know everything is subjective but, if I want to just have some fun and make my songs sound better quality than they do now and also play around with sound effects / drum samples / keyboard...maybe try out the "Logic Pro" it worth considering an all in one like the Line-6 toneport KB37 for $300 (it has a 37key keyboard and Line-6 "Gearbox" software for guitar amp and vocal effects...but its only got USB connection):

    The M-audio Ozonic is similar but FW connection but has some really dodgy reviews and for some reason isn't on sale at alot of places (being phased out perhaps?) it better to buy a firewire audio interface (FW AIF) and a decent mic&cables and save up for a keyboard later?

    Come to think of it will I even need the Line-6 "gearbox" software (it has alot of guitar amp and vocal effects) if I have Logic Pro 7 or garageband??

    Another main thing I'd like to do is save money on a guitar amp by only playing my guitar through whichever interface I choose and my computer. In this respect the Line-6 sounds fun (in principle)...but then again, if Logic Pro or Garageband can give me the same(or similar) amp/vocal effects then isn't the Line-6 box made redundant?...then it would seem better to just get a FW AIF and a keyboard later???

    In that case my current choices for FW AIF would be:

    1. Eco Audio Audiofire 4 (apparently its like presonus but with better pre-amps!)

    2. Mackie Onyx Satellite (best pre amps for vocals but mixed reviews re-driver issues)

    3. Yamaha GO46 (not found any reviews but zzsounds gets 9/10 from 28 customers)

    4. I could also just get a tascam US122L ( or US144) as they are so much cheaper and come with a mic&cable bundle for $199

    My music is acoustic guitar&vocals which Im looking to expand with electric guitar/keyboard/drums on my computer....then maybe record a few disco/rock tracks!

    Any thoughts/recommendations/reality-checks welcome!

    Thanks so much to anyone who can help.
  2. casper

    casper Guest

    The #4 Tascam isn't firewire but out of the choices that would be a good choice. The #2 and #3 will not have very much support as they are going obsolete. Im not sure about #1.

    USB should be fine since you are just recording one or two tracks at a time yourself. You might want to pickup a mic to for the vocals. A good start the SM57. Like you say you can always get the rest latter.

    Most of us have been through several setups and had to add gear as we needed it. Its not a bad thing. Technology is always improving. We always looking for new sounds. Its best to work with the tools you can afford until you grow out of them and move on when your ready.

    This is a good site that help me get started
  3. dom272

    dom272 Guest

    thanks Casper! I've already read that guide a couple of times and it is AWESOME! It will be my steady reference for years to come. However, as for what to buy, it really seems to boil down to one thing: buy a MOTU 828 if you have a mac!...$750 is a good price I'm sure but a bit much for now!

    I tried to find reviews for the others (esp GO46) but couldn't find any that agreed. Thats why your input is so incredibly valuable to me - I had no idea those units were going obsolete. I also read so much bad stuff about USB that I was all ready to go firewire despite the extra cost.

    I'll post what I decide to get in the end and how it goes with whatever I end up with...probably the USB/tascam or FW/Echo Audio.

    Thanks again!
  4. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member

    Mar 8, 2004
    Tacoma, WA
    What ever came of this?

    I'd like to add a little but don't want to waste time if you've already purchased.

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