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    im movin to atlanta soon and im looking into funding and grants in the US for music or community projects. there are a few in the UK such as the big boost and the arts council who offer grants for non profit projects and i was wondering if there were any in the US and what are the criteria?
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    There are probably some out there but they are also probably overwhelmed by people and groups seeking assistance. The "arts in America are not doing too well lately and lots of smaller orchestras and local arts groups are having financial problems. Even some of the bigger orchestras with endowments are struggling. Not a good time for arts "handouts" with the current economy.

    Suggest doing a search on the WWW and see what is available in the Atlanta area. The local Chamber of Commerce and Main Street programs are a good place to start. Look at this website to see who gives to the ASO

    Coke's main headquarters are in Atlanta so they maybe a source but they are probably overwhelmed by requests.

    The federal government has low interest loans and grants available as do certain city and state governments. Some checking on the WWW would probably be a good idea.

    Best idea would probably be to locally raise funds once you get settled and can have a better idea of what the area will support. Hopefully this is NOT your only means of making a living.

    Best of luck!
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