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Discussion in 'Microphones & Recording' started by GavinMajesty, May 25, 2006.

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    Right, my original plan for the CPU was AMD 4200+ 64bit however, the 3800+ 64bit is £70 cheaper.

    I've got a load of foreign quests (metal festivals and such), and the extra £70 saved would be cool.

    Now, my music is heavy metal. i use Drumkit from Hell superior, Kontakt 2 and my pod XT pretty much.

    DKFH, i bounce down and import as audio and have VERY LITTLE realtime midi processing going on. I also rarely use effects besides reverb and compression as well as some noise gates. If i want to use delayes and such, i track with them on from the pod. But that said, i'm a very purist guitarist. Guitar - amp/pod - Ear/Harddisc.

    will the 3800+ hold me for my usage 90% audio work with like a vgew compressors, reverbs and such or is the 4200+ a MARKED improvement over the 3800+?

    Any opinions would be great. I realise going with the best i can afford is going to be a general opinion here but i'm not wanting to go Overkill and buy huge power i won't nessiscarily use.

    The type of mixes i create at the moment...

    an example is here..


    That was created on this laptop here. 1.7ghz celeron and 1gb ram.

    The only real difference is in my own songs, i use a lot of strings, choirs etc (hence Kontakt), but ALWAYS bounce them to audio before importing into a project.

    anyhoo... Opinions please!

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    Assuming the same core, cache etc on the 2 chips, the 4200+ will be about 10% faster on raw clock speed. Depends a lot on what you are doing, but i doubt you would notice a lot of difference between the 2. I'd put the $70 into something else - better ram, faster HD whatever.
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    Lol, if this proves the point a bit more, it's £70 which is 131USD

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