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    Hey everyone

    I have lots of questions. All help and suggestions will be gratefully received.

    My wife and I recorded her first CD on my G3 iMac last year using ProTools Free. We found the 8 tracks to be perfect for our needs (vocals, guitar, midi, bass, percussion), but now we are planning to record again and want to use a bigger "pallette". As an interface/preamp we used a MidiMan AudioBuddy for audio and a MidiMan Uno for midi. This simple set-up worked pretty well, and although we made mistakes (many of them!) the record doesn't sound that bad, but we think we'll do better this time. We plan just to do the recording and maybe get someone else to mix and definitely get someone else to master. So having lots of plug-ins is not really an issue for us.

    So, my first question is this: Which software would be appropriate for recording again with more tracks on my iMac (OS 10.2.3/OS 9; 256 MB; 600 MHz PowerPC G3)? Can I use the AudioBuddy again with this software? For example, could I get a copy of ProTools LE and not get a Digi 001/002/Mbox? Could I get a copy of Digital Performer and not get the 828mkII? Should I consider Cubase or Logic?

    According to the Digidesign website, the PT LE systems are very hardware-specific, and I don't think G3s are supported anyway. And MOTU's website says that DP/828 systems work on PowerMacs, and I don't know if that includes iMacs (even though I have a PowerPC G3). I get the feeling that I would have to upgrade my computer if I were to use either of these systems. What software could I use on my current computer? As for the interface, I guess we might have to get something more complicated than a 2-in/2-out AudioBuddy because this time we'll be recording drums probably using 4 or 5 microphones. If I get a Digi001 or a Motu 828mkII, do I really need to use the corresponding software, or will they work with whatever I get? If I get a new Mac, why shouldn't I just use the Garageband software?

    The other thing I'm considering is to get some kind of tube preamp to warm up the sound. I've been recommended to get an Avalon 737 or a Universal Audio 6176 if I'm willing to spend the big bucks. I'm really naive about this kind of thing. Can they be used as stand-alone preamps/interfaces without using an AudioBuddy, 001, or 828?

    I think I might stop here because I am asking quite a lot of questions. I get the feeling that I should upgrade my computer (or at least get another newer one for recording only), get an expensive DAW and interface, and get an expensive preamp, but I am reluctant! Together, we don't want to spend more than about $4000 for new gear. Any advice?



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