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    Mar 20, 2000
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    -- NEW G4 POWERMACS --

    No one was surprised when Steve Jobs unveiled several new computers, however some of the features added were completely unexpected.

    All four models in the brand new Power Mac G4 include a new high-performance architecture featuring 133 MHz system and memory buses; one more valuable PCI slot [bringing the total to four 64-bit PCI slots]; one 4xAGP slot; 128MB to 256MB of SD-RAM; and a CD-RW burner built in!; all starting at only CDN$2,499.

    Plus, the top-of-the-line G4/733 packs an extra punch: Apple unveiled the revolutionary new SuperDrive, a combination CD-RW/DVD-R drive that can burn CDs AND DVDs, which can be played in consumer DVD players!

    The SuperDrive comes standard [along with new consumer-oriented DVD authoring software "iDVD"] in the extremely fast G4/733, for the
    incredible price of only CDN$5,299.!

    Considering that the least expensive previously available DVD burners ALONE [no computer, no I/O, no nothing] cost around CDN$7,000. this product is truly remarkable.

    Insiders at Apple and major video manufacturers tell us that the new CD/DVD burner is OEM'd by industry leading Pioneer, and while some may speculate that the SuperDrive is a "stripped down" low end burner, it in fact does MORE than the $7K burners introduced in 2000. Incredible.

    We think the G4/733 is going to be a hot seller for a variety of reasons.

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    Jan 20, 2001
    Hey audiokid

    Am i right in saying that whilst everything else in your post is true there is one vital bit missing. I understand that Apple have left the pci bus at 33mghz, is that true? Cos if it is will that not slow the whole thing down?
    Cool site btw keep it happening, keep it independant.

  3. etnier

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    I had one of the previous-generation models on order at clearance price at the end of last year. Apple cancelled that order upon introduction of the new line and gave me a chance to order one of the new models with expedited placement in the order queue.

    While I was considering the dual-processor model, on reflection it became clear that for $800.00 more the 733 made a lot of sense.

    Now I just have to be very patient...
  4. Ang1970

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    Sep 5, 2000
    No matter how much sense it made, they still could have left you the option. Apple's cool like that, aren't they?
  5. Godzilla

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    Maybe you shoould have got the dual 533 instead of the 733. http://www.barefeats.com/G4733.htm

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