G5 and Digi 002R/Protools LE 6.9 - which hard drives to add?

Discussion in 'Computing' started by Verveling, Apr 23, 2005.

  1. Verveling

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    I just bought a G5 dual processor 1.8GHz that came with the 160GB hard drive.

    I've been reading a lot and am totally baffled as to whether its best to use an internal hard drive or a firewire drive to use as my dedicated audio recording drive. Please help me solve this debate and also offer up suggestions of which drives work best. Also, with this computer is it entirely neccesary to dedicate another hard drive to audio? Can I achieve high track counts, good audio quality and high number of edits just by partitioning the existing hard drive?

    I'm leaning towards an internal drive since it seems this is the fastest/quietest/most economical and allows higher track counts, edits and plug-ins.

    Please help this poor newbie!

    By the way, if anybody lives in L.A. and wants to make a couple of bucks showing me the ropes in DAW let me know!
  2. Dave62

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    I use a Lacie D2 firewire 400/800 external with exactly the same setup and it works excellant. We do some pretty extensive editing and usually only get into drive trouble if theire is a million fades, . Digi recommends a seperate drive and if its external it's easy to haul it to another studio if you need to. I use the internal drive to keep a safety copy of the days sessions and then I have my butt covered till the project ends and it is backed up to DVD.
  3. jonnyc

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    Apr 21, 2005
    You'll want an external firewire i've heard you get much better results that way. As to what kind brand to get you need to go to digi's website and see whats compatable.
  4. gdoubleyou

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    Mar 19, 2003
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    Home Page:
    Pro tools TDM certified I own two of them.


  5. maintiger

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    Dec 3, 2003
    Whittier, California, USA
    get a 7500 rpm 250 GB maxtor drive and put it in the second slot. You should find one for about $150 or less. Partition it into 50 GB chunks and use it for your tracks- that's the fastest way to go, much more than external firewire drives. I have 4 such drives in my G4 and my track cont is great- you should do real good with your G5- I also have external 7200 rpm firewire drives and the internal are the fastest.
  6. axel

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    yeah, maxtor 7200rpm internal, firewire is fine, too. but would only go for it if you really need portability, otherwise internal maxtor :cool:
  7. Big_D

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    Aug 21, 2004
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    Firewire can't keep up with internal (IDE/SATA) drives for sustained transfer rates.

    Follow the MACsperts (Xavier) advice and you'll do fine.
  8. OlympicPhil

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    Is that true?

    We're speccing up a new HD192 rig using a G5, and have been recommended the internal SATA drives as the way to go, although with our G4s we've always used SCSI (Thanks Apple, for creating a new (ahem) "ultra-spec" computer with only 3 PCI slots - very handy for us HD3 users - after the 3 HD cards there's no room for a scsi card and our clients simply don't trust running HD cards from an expansion chassis.

    The way I thought it worked:

    ATA33,66,100,133 - 33,66,100,133 Mbps
    SATA - 150 Mbps
    SCSI160 - 160Mbps
    SCSI320 - 320Mbps
    Firewire400 - 400Mbps
    Firewire800 - 800Mbps

    Is this not the case then?

    Does anyone have experience of running HD rigs with G5s?

    Over at Abbey Road, our sister studio, they're using internal SATA drives on their G5s, as is Mark 'Spike' Stent in the Mix Suite, but we've heard that some other people (Simon Climie amongst others I believe) are working direct from firewire drives (most people don't trust them for recording sessions here, but we do use them all the time for backups).

    We'd be very interested to learn if anyone knows specifically which work best, ie largest track count before failure.

    Thanks for your time guys, this is urgent at our end so any thoughts you have would be very gratefully received.


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