1. Actually I think I can get a cheaper G5 off of macs website than I can a G4 with 512 MB on dvwarehouse. Anyways I'm obviously gonna have to pay at lot more. I'm basically thinking about 2 of the powermac G5s, they're both pretty much a standard G5 except one has an 80GB harddrive and 1 MG of ram and cost $1,724.00 and the other has a 160 GB harddrive and 512 MB of ram and cost $1674.00. The price isn't a big diffence but I was wondering is it more important to have 1 GB of ram or to have a more powerful harddrive or will an 80GB one work?
  2. accidentaly pressed the wrong button, the right topic is the one above called "need help buying a G4" or something like that....
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    I would get the fastest machine, you can add drives latter, also don't buy your RAM from Apple, any of the Mac-centric catalog houses will have cheaper RAM.

    Do a search, there is a kit that will allow you to install up to 5 SATA drives in a G5 enclosure.


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