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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Berry, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. Berry

    Berry Guest

    Hello, everybody. To make a long story short from the very beginning:
    Like you, recording and composing mean a lot to me. Therefore, I kindly ask you for some opinions concerning the right gear for best results with a budget of only 5000 bucks to set up a project studio from the scratch. I would like to record natural instruments like drums and percussions, bass, guitars, voice, etc., and also create sounds via virtual sound-machines and experiment with Midi. So I will need a new computer, software and some outboard rigs. I will try to achieve the best sound possible, for I want to release that stuff. I got a couple of instruments (see above) but unfortunately not so much recording gear, just a U87Ai, lots of time, patience, this very nice forum here and some talented, nice and friendly people.

    Many, many thanks from the bottom of my heart and best wishes to all of you from Berlin, one out of a dozen of creative places on this section of our galaxy...
  2. emils

    emils Guest

    Just couple of things Berry, will you be playing all the instruments and recording one at the time or are you recording a group of people play at the same time. And are you hopeing to use this equipement for comercial purposes or just for your stuf?
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