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Genelec 8000 series V H+K 0300D. Just my opinion from today!

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by Blenn, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. Blenn

    Blenn Guest

    So after reading the review of the H+K 0300D from Hugh (sound on sound) and the fact that they have now gone down, this month only, to £2000 I asked sound control to get a pair to audition. Well they arrived at the shop today. I went down armed with my trustee CD collection to the shop at about 11.00am.

    Two sound control technical experts were also very eager to hear these things to see if they need to stock them. They too had their CD collections. So we began.

    We had the Genelec 8040A and 8050A along with the H+K 0300D's to see the difference. We had them all set up flat and equal distance apart. Levels uniformed and our CD's ready.

    Well I'll cut to the chase cause I'm no good at reviews. So here is the score. Me, the two tech guys, 3 abitrary customers and a drummer all agreed that the Genelecs won hands down! I am gutted. I so wanted these H+K to be all that. We played everything for nearly 3 hours solid (no lies) from Beverly night to Bach - Rage against the machine to Robbie Williams - Jackson Browne to Jungle. Everything on the genelecs just sounded so perfect!

    The H+K had a better bass end. But only just. You could hear the notes better but as for the midrange - well not good. It was as if there was a big mid cut. Snares, vocals all that middle stuff just disapeared into the mix. The genelecs were smoother and the 8050A bass end was damn close to the H+K. The 8040A's bass end seemed a little hyped and gave me concerns as to how my mixes might transfer but the mid and top end was glorious.

    I read someone somewhere saying they preffered the HR824's to the 8040A. Personnally, and I own the 624's, the Genelecs won hands down over them.

    The Genelecs imaging is scaryily good. The 8050A's let you here depth, width - everywhere. Thats their strength. SUPERB!!

    I dont mean to disrespect Hugh's reviews (sound on sound). Jeez I love the guy but I think these things must be broke because everyone who heard these today said they were just not in the same league. I kept my mouth shut and felt gutted. I so wanted these things but I was just not convinced. I even thought " maybe the mid driver is gone" but nope it worked and all the control settings on the back were flat just like the Genelecs.

    I asked the manager, for when he sends these back, to request they be tested because they were so different we all thought they must be faulty.

    Just my opinion and I am only a humble singer songwriter, who has worked in some great studios, but I was dissapointed in these things.

    I bought the 8050A's because they floored me. I got them for a great deal and I mean great. A deal that meant saying no would be just disrespectful!

    Paul Blenn.
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