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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by MWA, May 14, 2006.

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  1. MWA

    MWA Guest

    Im looking to upgrade my studio monitors, right now I just have a pair of KRK Rokit RP-5's, which are ok, but Im looking to get something better, any suggestions? also they must be powered, active, whatever, you get it...

    Also, Im thinking of getting rid of my protools 001 and going with an mbox2, however, I was also wandering about buying a spereate mic preamp, I am looking into a presonus bluetube, is this necessary? Are the preamps on the mbox2 good enough?

    I am wondering because the presonus is a tube micpre? Also would I just plug into the presonus, then run the presonus into the preamp of the mbox2?
  2. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Member

    Sep 26, 2005
    I am assuming that you want to get rid of your ProTools 001 system in favor of the mbox 2 since it has USB connectivity? So that you can use it with a laptop? I think you'll find that their latest generation of microphone inputs are more than usable. "Are they the best state of the art preamplifiers?" No, they are good enough.

    If you want to purchase a tube pre-amplifier, you will want to plug that into your mbox 2 line input not microphone input but I don't see the point in this unless you definitely want a tube preamp? That is like asking if Green is better than orange? Why not just purchase a tube preamplifier with FireWire or USB connectivity? It's all out there. I mean does Digidesign have the Apogee of converters? No, they are good enough. You must understand why you want to buy something and for what purpose you will use it?

    I love the KRKs, why not get a pair of the V88 with the subwoofer? You can crank those louder. I work with those frequently and love them. They remind me of my favorite old non-powered JBLs with Crown amplifiers, so I like them.

    Backing up to my future
    Ms. Remy Ann David
  3. MWA

    MWA Guest

    I want to trade up my 001 because not only is it now obsolete, but because I just want to upgrade. I dont have a laptop no, a desktop for only recording. Should I stick with my 001?

    And the tube mic pre thing, I only hear good things about it, does it not give you a warmer sound? Isn't the mic-pre one of the most important things along the chain of recording, other than mics and performance... thats what I keep hearing, "make sure you have a good pre-amp"... well to me this one sounds excellent.

    And Im pretty new to this, but why would I buy a mic-pre with USB connectivity, how do I run that into my protools? Isnt USB right into my computer? where does it go from there? This $*^t confuses me... One day someone hear will have to help me get my set-up exactly right and user friendly.. cause Im lost.
  4. Kev

    Kev Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2001
    I still use the 001
    I favour it over the newer stuff.

    6.4 on XP is getting a little old but it sure is reliable.

    I use it more than my HD system which at the moment is non-operational COS
    I can't decide on a new computer and the constant changes in Apple and the OS don't inspire confidence
    the lack of help to find a sensible MB on the XP side of the fence is just plain annoying.

    The DUC is nothing more than
    " I can run more plugs than you "

    It's been years since I've cared how many plugs as my 9600 MixPluss system from years ago never got max'd out
    ... my recordings and mix down tend to be very efficient and throw back to a 70's style of desk and effects layout.

    Concentrate of Monitoring and Mics and Mic-pres.
    Then learn about mic placement
    recording session organisation and work flow
  5. 2012

    2012 Guest


    I'd suggest you stick with the 001 and PT 6.4

    Why? It's STABLE. When you upgrade you will invariably run into trouble, especially with Pro Tools and their requirements. Unless you NEED 18 simultaneous inputs (002R), or you NEED the added MIDI implementation of 7.0, version 6.4 is great. People have reported that you can even run Digidesign's EQ III and DYN III on 6.4.

    Regarding your monitors, i would keep them! KRK's are great. If you complented them with the KRK subwoofer and calibrated them properly, you'd have a hot 2.1 monitor system.

    Take Care
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